September 14, 2017

I dropped off my little cousin to her first day of work experience on Monday morning. I say ‘little’, she’s 21 next month. But I see her less than once a year and she’s absolutely, categorically still my baby cousin. She’s staying with Ryan and me this week - she lives in Birmingham and goes to uni in Edinburgh - and as soon as she was dropped off and my auntie said, “Here’s her porridge and here’s a bottle of Disaronno to say thank you,” they left and my cousin said, “This is like a movie where the child has lost its parents and is thrown to the nearest unwilling relatives,” and we laughed and I suddenly did feel like I’d adopted a small child.


Riga, Latvia (June 2017)

September 01, 2017

House of the Blackheads

I’ll be honest, when Ryan said he wanted to go to Riga, I wondered the heck why, after tentatively asking if Riga was, indeed, the capital of Latvia. Or was it Lithuania? Or the other one?*

It was Latvia.

I didn’t know anyone who had been to Latvia. What was in Latvia? Why did he want to go to LATVIA? I’ve said Latvia too much. L a t v i a. 

Turns out that, quite obviously, Latvia has its own significant history with World War II, so of course Ryan wanted to go to Latvia. 

And so began another fun-filled weekend of history and war and museums, with a big ol’ extra dollop of communism. But, spoiler: Latvia is great. Go to Latvia. I’ll tell you why.

mental health

Stop relying on those struggling to speak first

August 14, 2017

(CW: talk of suicide.)

I’m a bit irritated. 

I used to blog a lot when I was irritated. I loved having fierce emotions and strong opinions but when my mental health started going up the spout, my fierce emotions became a misdirected mess and I had no opinions on anything because what’s the fucking point, am I right. 

But I’m irritated and tired at a particular part of the mental health conversation so I’m here and ready to bang my gavel.


Tips and tricks for new runners

August 01, 2017

I’m by no means an expert with running. I have no qualifications and I’ve never been coached. My progress from Couch to Marathon happened through running friends whose unsolicited advice I raged at but secretly took on board, stalking running communities on Instagram, a lot a lot a lot of Googling, and making shit up. Mostly the making shit up part.

But, as I’ve documented my running since day one, others have started running too and I’m often hit with Twitter and Instagram DM requests from strangers, and Facebook messages from old school friends, who want to know how to start running. 

This is support I can give. Support to encourage others to get their arses out the door, and empower them to realise that they CAN run, if they want to.

So, here are the most common questions I get and the most important advice I'd give. It’s not an IKEA instruction booklet to follow to the letter, or strict and heavy advice on the technicalities and science behind running and all that comes with it, but a bunch of lessons I’ve learned since opening my old wardrobe to see what I could wear to go for a run 694 days ago.


Salzburg, Austria (May 2017)

July 10, 2017

At one point last year, during another conversation where my mum was moaning about not doing stuff and banging on about all the shit she wants to do, I turned around and went, “Then let’s go. Let’s do it. Next year, we’re going.”

I didn’t say it just (just) to shut her up. I said it because I was learning the art of ‘doing shit’ and it was about time she did too. We’re a family of excuse-makers and I was bored of it. So I told her we were going.

We were going to go to Salzburg, Austria. We were going to do the official Sound of Music tour. What on earth had I let myself in for?