You can find me oversharing at @louisejonesetc on both Twitter and Instagram.

I now work full-time, but have lots of experience with freelance work and am incapable of being chill, so if you're interested...

Previous work includes:

- Writing for The Mix, a charity supporting under 25s with sex, drugs, mental health, housing, education... you name it
- Making asthma sexy at Asthma UK (No really, this is literally why they got me in.)
- Creating resources for teachers for Beat, the eating disorder charity
- Being a regular contributor for betty, writing about periods and puberty for teenage girls
- Blogging and editing at Rose & Butterfly, the brainchild of no-bullshit life coach Helen Williams

Mental health, sex, relationships and supporting young people to be empowered and thrive is my thing. I love a good pep talk. But I'll write about anything. Apart from that, I won't write about that...

If you think we could work together, please get in touch! I love emails. Live for them.

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