Hi. Hello. Hi.

I hate these pages so here are the basics: I'm Louise. I'm 28. I live in Essex with my cat-who's-not-really-my-cat-she-actually-lives-three-doors-down-but-she-spends-all-day-sleeping-on-my-bed-so-guess-who's-the-chosen-one-losers.

I'm a writer for real, like paid to do it, and work in the creative team at Anthony Nolan, the incredible charity saving the lives of people with blood cancer. You should join the stem cell register.

I fell into the charity sector as a content creator and copywriter when I left university and have never looked back. I'm a lucky sausage. But this blog has been going for a lot longer than my stumbling career. This blog has been going since 2009 when I was 15 years old and babbling away with no sense of direction. It's had many faces, many purposes, and has been at the hands of many different Louises as I slipped from teenager to grown-up (ish). I won a national blogging award with Channel 4 News in 2010 (somehow a whole decade ago, for fuck's sake), and was asked to be an Olympic torchbearer for London 2012. I was clearly doing something right.

I run, too. I love parkrun and I ran the London Marathon, but half marathons are my thing. Apparently 'half marathons' can be someone's thing. I hate myself too. I write a bit about running, but I mostly write about mental health, life, and my adventures travelling around Europe. (RIP to those, thanks COVID.)

So, here we are. I'm Louise. I'm 28. And you're stuck here with me now.

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