22 Jul 2011

As first days of summer go, it couldn't really have been better than this.

Actually after some thought and consideration, the above statement is a lie and I retract it. The first day of summer last year purely involved me sleeping and eating after Prom. Nevertheless, this year's first day of summer pars it, because, of course, it involved London and celeb stalking. What else? Yes, I thought I was over it too. I've relapsed.

Disclaimer: The following post may seem exaggerative (word? i like it anyway) but in my eyes and memories, IT HAPPENED.

The first TV recording I ever went to was All Star Family Fortunes in 2009. I was only 15. Back in the days where mum refused to let me go to London on my own. The embarrassing part is that 2 years on when I go again, I'm wearing exactly the same outfit. Unintentionally. It's also raining, like last time, and we're given the same coloured wristbands, like last time. Which is annoying, because I've always wanted the blue wristbands and they keep giving me yellow. IT'S NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK.

One difference this time was that I was with 3 friends, instead of my mum. Genna had never been to a TV recording before, Kiera had only been to *shudder* Push The...*gag*...Button, and'll see. So each of us were excited for different reasons; me because Russell Kane was on. Every time someone mentioned his name I had to grab the nearest person's shoulder and take a deep breath. Oosh. Before we'd even started queuing I was on a high because he'd tweeted me "Cacking my pants" after I said we were in the audience. SO CUTE. Favourited, natch.
Little did I know that things were going to get a lot amazinger. Firstly, we were FRONT ROW. I'd never been front row before. This was the good stuff. This was where you got picked on. This was where you'd chat with the stars. We weren't MEANT to get front row, though. We only got front row because of...Ellie. You know when people say "OMG if I ever met *insert famous person here* I wouldn't be able to contain myself. I'd freak out! I'd have to be escorted out hahaha!" etc etc, but you know, and they know, they wouldn't. They'd woooooo a bit and 'go a bit funny' but their sanity would remain intact. Even last week when I was metres away from Matt Smith I managed to stay in my seat and keep my fangirling emotions to a suitable level.

This was me on the outside:

This was me on the inside:
So apart from the hugging my legs and rocking, I think I covered it up well. But with Ellie? When she says she can't contain herself....she can't bloody contain herself. I applaud her confidence, I really do, but JESUS CHRIST SHE'S AN EMBARRASSMENT TO BE WITH. She won't mind me saying because she knows it's true, and I told her enough times. However I can't complain because she was the one who stirred up a fuss and lied to get us front row seats. "MARTIN SAID WE GET  FRONT ROW SEATS." "Oh, er, okay, just go round the other side, yeah, fine." She then tweeted Russell Kane telling him exactly where we sitting and how excited we were. I thought nothing of it. He won't be looking at his phone, would he? WELL...

Now I don't know whether it was just coincidence, or whether we were just in his eye line, but I am CONVINCED he knew who we were when his show was recording. The amount of times he looked, smiled, mouthed, COPIED KIERA'S HEART GESTURE (don't ask), and laughed at us made me cry. Literally. No joke. I had to be held I was so emotionally unstable. Even when he got a question wrong, he turned around and looked apologetic AT US. Definitely. Us. Me, even. My eyes. Apology. To me. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Have you stopped reading yet? Is this getting too stalkerish? I haven't even begun, love...

The show ended at 10:15pm. It was raining. It was cold. I REALLY needed a wee. But we wanted to try and meet Russell after. Which is fine, right, because people go to the stage door all the time after comedy shows for autographs and photos? We were the only ones waiting. We waited for 45 minutes, and in that 45 minutes we saw the Loose Women gang hilariously drunk getting into taxis, and saw Vernon Kay come out. Ellie went "Hi Vernon!". Completely fine. Nice hello. No screaming. But, er, he actually came over. We sat on the wall and had a conversation with Vernon Kay. In the rain. About ketchup. (We'd already had a conversation about sauces with him during the recording, so he knew who we were. If that makes the show I'll go mental.) He also offered us tickets for the following night, but that didn't happen. Probably because Ellie was tweeting him every 5 seconds. She has no shame. Surprised she didn't get blocked, the mentalist. 

I'd made the call at 10:45pm saying if RK hadn't come out by 11pm then we'd have to go. I wasn't going to miss the last tubes again. I didn't think he was going to, but miraculously, five minutes later, a woman emerged and spoke to a taxi driver. 
"Are you waiting for Russell Kane?" 
"Yeah I am, where is he?" 
"He's waiting round the front, can you drive round?"

Ellie: "ALL SYSTEMS GO. RUN RUN RUN. SPRINT. FAST GENNA FFS. MOVE MOVE MOVE." And there he was. Round the front. Just there. Waiting. I'd like to think for us, but he wasn't. (but I'll tell everyone he was, obv) I froze, but Ellie ran up to him. Gen, bless her, just shuffled towards him with her arms outstretched, and Kiera, not giving a fuck, joined us ages after. She wasn't running for anyone. I love Kiera. After seeing Gen get a hug (and a back rub, may I add), I got one too. I got a hug from Russell Kane. Haha. Then we got a photo. And he told us to come and see him in Southend. Haha. Then we went home, and I didn't even get the 'post-gig blues' the next day, because it was genuinely the most perfect evening. Just lovely, and overwhelming. This has been me ever since:

Only problem is now I love Russell Kane a million times more than I did before. My fangirl levels are peaking again. Oops. X

16 Jul 2011

TARDIS: Two Absolute Raving DoctorWhovians Incredibly Screaming

We've all established that I'm an obsessive stalker, yes? Okay good. Just gecking. *checking. Left gecking there because it sounded funny. Also, obligatory is a good word. Say it. Obligatory. It's exciting like writing something out at school and knowing a word with 'z' or 'q' is coming up. Anyway...

"Matt Smith's on Chattyman this series." *dog sees squirrel face* "Somebody say Matt Smith?" she says wearing a fez and bowtie. If you HAVEN'T heard, (and in the case of those who haven't where the actual fuck have you been?) I am a massive Whovian. I'm obsessed to the point where I've literally convinced myself that one day I'll be in it, writing it, making it, reviewing it, living it, marrying it, making it dinner all at the same time. This is serious. It's embedded in the depths of my soul. Thankfully, the majority of my friends also have a bit of a thing for it so I never have to sit rocking in my room every Saturday until the OOOOEEEEOOOOOOOOOOO sounds from my TV, or hide the fact that I'm wearing Doctor Who underwear at school and have my sandwiches cut into the shape of the TARDIS. (Disclaimer: I do not actually own any Doctor Who underwear, but my 18th birthday's coming up so if anyone wants to get me some I won't ask for the receipt. Also mum, if you're reading this, I would actually like my sandwiches cut into the shape of the TARDIS. Thanks.)

The last 2 times I've been to Chattyman, I've told the friend I'm taking beforehand. But this time I decided not to tell Max. To be honest, I don't really know why I didn't, but I'm glad I did because when he finally found out, a few minutes before we entered the studio, his reaction was hilarious. How I, or anyone else I'd told, didn't let slip where I was taking him the 3 weeks preceding 'the event, I don't know. But, of course, I ruined it on the train into London. Obviously it wasn't gonna go to plan, was it? This is me, here.               

"Yeah I walked home with her and we just talked about tonight." 

"Oh what so did you just talk about Doctor Who stuff then?"

I don't even know why I said it. I don't even remember saying it, or thinking about saying it. It wasn't even the natural response to that question. The natural response would have been "Haha." or "Ah okay.", but no, my brain decided to formulate a question in answer that statement which just so happened to give the whole bloody game away. Damn my conversational brain. We just stared at each other for a few seconds, which gave me time to figure out whether I had any chance of getting out of it, which I concluded I didn't and just said "Shit." The appropriate response this time.

Even though I'd spilled, I hadn't completely ruined it. All Max knew was that it was Doctor Who related, which he'd probably guessed anyway. Even when we were in the ITV reception with wristbands on, he still hadn't realised we were seeing Chattyman and Matt Smith was one of the guests. It wasn't until someone said "Those here for Alan Carr come this way!" and another production guest behind us said "So who else is on apart from Matt Smith?" that he finally twigged. And when he did twig, I looked at him, expecting him to explode, or scream, or, I dunno, something else extravagant. But no, he just stayed silent for about 20 minutes. It was hilarious. It was hopeless trying to have a conversation or get excited because he just kind of....stared. Which was disappointing because I'd practiced my "I'm not with him." embarrassment line quite a bit. 

Ironic really, because if anyone needed to use that line it would've been Max. I knew I would get really excited when Matt came out, but I didn't really anticipate my actual reaction. A lot of it was likely down to the fact he just APPEARED on set with no warning and took me by surprise so my body was like ASDFGHJKL;. I screamed and spent the majority of his interview hugging my legs, biting my knees, and rocking. I like to make a good first impression. Surprisingly, I remember the interview which makes a change because I'm usually so engulfed in fangirling that I don't remember anything. Exhibit A: Davina-gate. I'm clearly adapting and learning how to act in ASDFGHJKL; situations. 

The recording was finished by 8:15pm so we stood by the gates outside, like ants in a sea of JLS screamers and were literally the only 2 people in the crowd who gave a shit when Matt came out and went into his car. I'd say I was disappointed when he didn't come over for autographs and photos, like JLS did, but we weren't at the front and I would have been a mess if he did come over but we couldn't reach him. I'm taking that decision by him as one for my own sanity and benefit. Thanks love, appreciated. 

And anyway, when I move to Cardiff I'll meet them all the time and we'll all be best friends, right? Right. X

5 Jul 2011

Take (less drugs Robbie) That (little sunburn incident)

It's sheer luck that I managed to get tickets to both of Take That's most recent tours. A week before The Circus came to Wembley in July 2009 my friend said she had 2 Club Wembley tickets spare, so me and mum snapped them up.

This time it was a lot harder to get tickets because of Robbie no-I'm-not-on-drugs-I'm-just-high-on-life Williams' return to the band. Now for me, Robbie has never been in Take That. He left in 1995 and the band split in 1996 when I was only 3 years old, so when they reunited in 2005/6 as a 4 piece band that was the first I'd heard of them. Robbie had been solo for nearly 10 years by this point and I had no idea that he was ever in Take That. But obviously with him back with the band, the majority of the female population of Britain wanted tickets and would stop at nothing to have a chance to see an ant sized (*realises the ridiculous truth*) Robbie &co, which is what the band should now be called. It took 3 waves of date releases for mum to finally text me, "OMFG WE HAVE 3 TICKETS!!!!!! SCREAM!!!!!! HAHAHA I'M CRYING!!!!!"......literally. It was going to be a long 8 months.

I'm actually surprised that no one unfriended or unfollowed my mum after her countless updates. She also kept informing me that she thought she was going to wet herself, which was nice. To be honest I was more excited that I had the Monday and Tuesday off school by pure coincidence, so I could have a lie in and sunbathe all day. Herein lies the catastrophe...

It wasn't even meant to be that hot this weekend. 23C at most? WELL THE SUN LIED. It was so lush lying in the garden all morning, and there was a breeze so it didn't feel as hot, and the suncream was UPSTAIRS, and okay I'm just making up excuses for the fact I didn't put any on. Well I did, but I put it all on my shoulders...and I had sleeves. Anyway, I accept that I am a silly idiot and deserved the consequences. I'm now walking around in sheer pain. BEHOLD THE MANY COLOURS OF LOUISE'S LEG:

Back to the actual concert, I of course met a new twitter person. It's like a necessity now. It just comes with the package of going to London. This time it was the lovely Megan (and her mum) who is 2 years younger but about 2 feet taller than me :( By this time I'd bought the obligatory Take That tour t-shirt, but after changing into it I had to change back because the burns on my arms were too horrific for the general public to see. This manoeuvre involved the genius top-over-a-top-then-taking-the-under-top-off that you learn in swimming lessons in Year 6. I do not intend to take the Take That top off though for a while...

I won't give a review of the whole night because I can't be arsed, it's sunny I have pizza downstairs with my name on it there have been trillions already so have some bullet points and photos...
  • Entrance was boring.
  • Gymnasts in the waterfall were ace.
  • Om the robot malfunctioned and didn't move. Boo.
  • I stalked the girl in front of me on twitter, because that's how I do.
  • The man next to me had the stinkiest sandwich
  • I am still so incredibly in love with Mark Owen and his leg spaz.
  • Gutted they didn't play Happy Now or Affirmation which are the 2 best songs on the album.
  • Robbie is a complete and utter mentalist with his head so far up his own arse I'm surprised he's not just an arse.
  • I totally understand why some people hate Robbie being back. It was all about him and he took over the show. I almost felt sorry for the other 4. He did have the audience in the palm of his hand though, and put on a bloody good show.
  • The Circus was a lot better, but Progress was still really good.

Oh Robbie, you mess.