15 May 2010

All gwown up.

I said in my last blog that there was not a chance in hell that my last day would be emotional.

It was emotional.

I can't explain how amazing my last day was. All the girls dressed up, all the boys threw dead mice and live locusts everywhere, and all the teachers let us do what we wanted.
It was like Year 6 all over again. Signing shirts. Signing books. Signing boobs (yes really) and taking a million and one photos.

We left at 1pm but before that was our Leaver's Assembly. And what an assembly. It was hilarious, adorable but oh so sad. There were comedy performances, dancing, teachers singing , baby photos of teachers, Year 7 photos of us and a LOT of crying. Ah it was crazy. We then all went to a field for a few hours before going to separate parties. Ours was, well, er, very interesting. I won't go into that.

But to nip this blog well and truly in the bud, what I'm really trying to say is...I'VE LEFT SCHOOL. Actually left school. No more compulsory education. No more uniforms. No more 8.30-3.15 routines. AMAZEBALLS. But I have to admit that I am going to miss it; last lessons were really sad and realising that some of your friends that you see everyday aren't going to be there anymore was almost heartbreaking. Then again, duh, Facebook?!

For the next two months my life consists of exams, revision and a hard struggle of trying to keep myself of Twitter. First up, Business on Thursday. Oh joy of joy of joys. *headdesk*

HOWEVER tonight I am going to watch thousands of women walk the streets in their bras. Because there are quite a few amazing people I know walking the Moonwalk for breast cancer. It's incredible what they're doing and I know my mum and I will be in awe of them, and this time we are going to do an all nighter in London ON PURPOSE. It's gonna be one hell of a night. X


  1. Only 120 photos? Pff. I did 300 in two days once. Pff again ;)

  2. I have no idea about those British last week traditions, but it sounds great. Compulsory means misery. You asked what P.S. means a few pages(!) ago, well, it's short for 'written after' in Latin. I wish I didn't know that. Well written, I wish you a nice night!

  3. Yes only 120, half weren't suitable for Facebook and I'm nicking other people's too.
    Ah so THAT'S what P.S. means, thank you!