2 Sept 2010

Ch ch ch ch ch CHATTY MAN feat. Shameless plugging

Now, as we all know, I love my TV shows and stalk idolize some celebrities, and all the bloody time now and again I go to see them being recorded. Recently I've even had the chance to meet and share a room with them which was BLOODY EFFING AMAZING!!! a lovely experience which I am very grateful for having. Ahem.

Last night was another one of those nights, which I have Caz Julian (her husband is Alan Carr's, Lee Evans', Michael McIntyre's etc etc agent) to thank for, as she managed to put me +1 on the guest list for Alan Carr's Chatty Man series finale. Obv I said "Wednesday? Oh well yeah I think I can fit that in. Who are the guests? Oh Paul O'Grady, Davina McCall, and Katy Perry? Well that would be nice, yeah I'll come along..." Well, I kind of said that. It was more like "OMFG DAVINA AND KATY?! IN THE SAME ROOM?! AND ALAN CARR! II WWWAANNTT TTTOOOO GGGOOOOOO!!!!" So I did.

My plus one was Katy Perry fanatic Nadia, who jumped at the chance with a "Yeah sure why not BLOODY HELL YES!!!" Now seeing as my mum usually comes with to all these things, I was a bit nervous as to how I was actually going to get myself in to ITV as a guest. Hello, 16 year old here. And the journey in to London didn't really help my mental state, as rush hour brought drama...

"Oh shit he's gonna make a run for it., no, NO STAY THERE! *closes eyes*"


(from down the central line at Bank tube) "OMG man did u see dat?! Did u see wot she just did?! Oh my daayyzzzzzz!"

"*opens eyes* What the hell happened?!"

"Well he was running, and the doors were about to close, so I stuck my leg out!!!"

As we stood cramped on the tube, and the train departed from Bank, doors firmly shut, clutching at our stomachs laughing, we realised that in a tense and dramatic situation, Nadia would sacrifice a leg for someone's life, and I, my friends, would let the poor sod die.

"Hello, we're on the guest list for Chatty Man tonight?"

"Guests of production?"

"Erm, yeah..."

"Okay well take a seat and a runner will sort out you in about half an hour."

Cue spinning around on colourful comfy chairs, OMGing at Dr Hilary Jones, Michael Underwood and Angellica Bell walking through reception. 

Skip waiting a bit, getting wristbands and meeting Caz, we were finally led in to the studio to our RESERVED seats. Yeah, WITH MY NAME ON THEM! I was like well special innit. Got the dirty 'who are YOU' looks from people. KMT.

The show was, indeed, AMAZEBALLS. I nearly cried when Katy Perry performed, Nadia laughed and clapped like a seal, my voice went from screaming when Davina walked out in a LUSH red dress and matching shoes, and cried laughing at Alan Carr and Paul O'Grady. And the best bit is, it was over by 9.15pm! Hour journey home and I was back in time for Ultimate BB on +1. Perfecto night if I do say so myself. Okay, so I didn't get to meet the stars this time, but I was THERE. In the same ROOM. Sharing the air they BREATHED! Oh, wait, I'm sounding like a stalker aren't I?.... 

And now two shameless plugs...

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The  'Queen of Teen' awards are a celebration of the authors who write the amazeo books just for teens. So many are put forward, but only TEN are shortlisted for the ultimate crown of Queen of Teen. I adore the books of one of these authors, Sarra Manning, whose book Nobody's Girl is one of my all time favourites. She's not cheesy, stereotypical or tween. She writes books for older proper teens, which you can fall in love with and grip you throughout...


The voting process ends on Thursday 9th September (my birthday, yeah baby), and it would mean the world if you could vote for her. The link is here and all you have to do is select Sarra Manning and click 'vote'. That's it. No forms, no details, no nothing. Just select and click. 

Plugging over.



  1. I can't believe you took the seat sign home lmfao!!!! xxx

  2. My goal now is trying to meet more stars then you before 17 ;)