12 Nov 2010

The little things

1. Hearing a song  from your childhood.

2. Johnson's baby lotion.

3. Silent roads on the walk home from school.

4. The sound of the wind.

5. Waking up thinking it's a weekday when it's not.

6. Cuddles from your grandparents.

7. Sand between your toes.

8. A beautiful sky at dawn or dusk.

9. Your mum's smell.

10.  Crunching through autumn leaves.

11. Watching home videos and going through old photos.

12. Standing on a sunlit carpet.

13. Daydreaming.

14. Exchanging smiles with a passing stranger.

15. The feel of hot water on your skin.

The beautiful  things in life. What are your 15? Comment below or write a blog post of your own. Forget about the hassle in your life at the moment to think about what you love and appreciate. Enough of the negative this week. X


  1. Penelope Keith's voice.

  2. Walking through a park just after a rain shower has stopped and the first beam of sunlight hits your face.

  3. Raindops on roses. Whiskers on kittens.

    And walking around at night in really dreary weather, feeling like your the only person in the world.

  4. Pick ‘n’ Mix.

    Random acts of kindness.

    Smell of coconut.

    Choosing children's books for my nephews.

    Watching snow falling while you’re cosy inside.

    Wrapping presents.

    Laughing until you can’t breathe.

    Cobbled streets.

    Cold noses.

    Baby clothes.

    Sound of church bells.

    When all the pupils at the school are really warm and funny. (Most days to be fair. Teens get a bad rap, as you well know).

    Waking up really early on the morning of a holiday.

    Knowing all the words to a song and singing along LOUDLY.


    Emails from human people, not just Topshop.

    My mum.

    LOUISE'S BLOG! (She didn't even make me say that) (I make myself vom)


    How could I? Bad wife.

  6. 1. My children
    2. Spooning
    3. My Nonna's lasagne
    4. Pride and Prejudice
    5. Sleeping soundly
    6. Reconciling an account to the penny
    7. Stroking the dogs
    8. Watching mindless telly after a shitty day at work
    9. A night out with the girls
    10. A night in with the girls
    11. Stephen Fry, and everything he does
    12. My bezzie, and everything she does
    13. My slippers and big GAP hoodie
    14. The smell of a yummy glass of wine after a hard day at work
    15. Warm rain, and being indoors when it's piddling cold rain

  7. 1) Reading stuff like this and realising we're not alone
    2) Seeing my daughter smile
    3) A text from my wife just saying 'hello'
    4) Thunder outside when I'm in bed
    5) Jools at New Year
    6) The clocks going forward in March
    7) The smell of cut grass at dusk on a summer's evening
    8) The first view of sea when arriving on holiday
    9) The first glass of beer when arriving at the hotel
    10) Finding a £1 coin under the car seat

  8. What a lovely post this is :), I love discovering new brilliant blogs like this one!

    You have inspired me to do a post of my own.