9 May 2011


I shouldn't be blogging. I should be revising. But I'm blogging and I have 20 minutes to finish it before Eastenders so deal with it. Sorry, I don't mean 'deal with it'. That's a bit aggressive. I've been really aggy and twatty lately. Don't really know why. Apologising to everyone now who's been caught in my ARGHGODYOU'REALLSOANNOYINGANDIHATEYOUGOAWAYLEAVEMEALONEwahwahwah ness.

Anyway, yes, revising. This is my last week of Year 12. My AS exams start next week. I'm not prepared in the slightest and after thinking I'd get a solid A for my Media coursework, but finding out today that I didn't, I'm now like "shit." and everything's going EIUFHNCKYHHNBUTYGBUREGBSMASHSMASH in my head. I have a headache. Figures.

I'm srsly losing the plot. I got my swimming costume out for no apparent reason earlier and had a very in depth 20 minutes thinking process about what would happen in dogs ruled the world. Now I'm sprawled on my bedroom floor shouting "POTTER! DY HOT TOE! LET ME IN, MR BOF PET!" which TOTALLY MAKES SENSE TO ME. But then mum peered round my door and helpfully went "Talking to yourself, especially gibberish, is the first sign of madness..."


Maybe I just need a good night's sleep.

Or drugs.

Or ECT. Yeah, have summathat psychology.

I found a snake today. Maybe it poisoned me.

Well this has been a smashing blog post.

                                                     me, right now

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