31 Dec 2018

The December Edition

I’ve just had so much cheese that my heart is racing. All I want to do is nap, but I will write this final monthly blog post if it kills me, so I’ve locked myself in my childhood bedroom instead. Merry Christmas.

What I did 

I went back to blonde. I was bored of looking after my hair and keeping its natural colour, so smothered it in bleach again. I love it. I forgot how much I loved being blonde.

Ryan and I featured on the CONTRA Facebook page. CONTRA is Paul Sinton-Hewitt’s latest venture; a clothing brand that caters for all shapes and sizes, with all profits going back to parkrun. SO WHOLESOME. 

After a year and a half of living in our flat, we finally bought a light for the fridge. Life changing.

Yesterday we went to see Mum's cousin and his family who are over for Christmas from Australia. Georgia and I took a '10 years later' photo and hOW DO TINY PEOPLE GROW SO MUCH?!?!?!

What I thought

Christmas Carols are nice. Anthony Nolan had their annual fundraising Christmas Carols event at St Pancras Church, and I volunteered as resident Instagram-story-taker. It was so fun, and so lovely, and I'm dragging my whole family next time.

It’s nice to spend time with Matt, my brother, who's an actual adult now with a job, that earns him money, so he can actually be independent. Wild. He came to Walthamstow with us for our Christmas dinner with Ash and Ben, and it was so great. HE’S NOT AN ANNOYING TWAT NOW. Blessed day.

No one will ever love you more than dogs. I got really sad at one point over Christmas and this soft scruffo came and sat on my chest, either to comfort me or kill me. Either way, it put me out of my misery.

Where I went

parkrun-wise, we did Southend (poured with rain), Shorne Woods (met Natalie!), Brooklands (on a runway AND racing track - thrilling), Whiteley (nabbed my fastest time in ages), Netley Abbey (muddy Christmas Day) and Gunpowder (with Amy!). That’s a lot of tourism. I’ve now done 62 different courses, and 85 parkruns overall. The big 100 milestone is looming…

Slug & Lettuce with an ex work pal, while Ryan was at his work Christmas party. I thought it was cute that we both left at the same time so would end up getting home together… until he fell asleep on his train and ended up, 30 missed calls later, at the end of the line in fucking Kent. Bellend.

I went to my first Anthony Nolan Christmas party and it was REALLY FUN. So much food, so much drink, so much dancing, so many shots, so much watching Charlotte From Work vom into her hands while she was having a wee. It was like a wedding without the boring ceremony bit. 

Seconds after vomming into her hands while she had a wee

The day after, we went to Heist Bank in Paddington for Rebel Scum Saves Christmas… also known as Ryan’s Nerdy Friends All Meet Up For Games, Pizza, and Secret Santa’. The nerds all played their games, while us less nerdy partners drank gin and ate most of the pizza.

What I read

I read Doing It by Hannah Witton which was great, but quite basic. It’s a non-fiction all about sex and relationships and is perfect for a young teenager, but none of it was new for me.

The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood which is possibly the worst book I have ever read.

I’m now reading How To Be Human: The Manual by Ruby Wax, where she’s in conversation with a scientist and a monk, and it’s great so far. Very funny and very relatable. 

What I watched

Finally watched Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. So good. Not sure what made me shat myself more, the fact it’s so jumpy or that the dad is played bY THE LITTLE BOY IN E.T., WHAT.

Bandersnatch. I didn't have the patience for it.

Dumplin’! Oh man, Dumplin’. I read the book at the start of the 2018 and was a bit dubious about it being made into a film, but it was heartwarmingly brilliant.

Pearl get stuck in the Christmas tree.

SO MANY CHRISTMAS FILMS: The Holiday (I’d never seen it before), The Princess Switch (wonderfully shit), The Christmas Wedding Planner (just shit), Love The Coopers (great), The Christmas Chronicles (REALLY great), The Holiday Calendar (surprisingly good), and OBVIOUSLY A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (THE BEST KINDA SHIT).

We also went to see Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet, but I was disappointed tbh. I loved the first film and this didn’t live up. And we're going to see Mary Poppins Returns later which I have high hopes for...

What I was thankful for

My mum and Claire showing what a best friendship is like after 25 years, and their kids being so close that we could organise a surprise bucket list trip for them on the Orient Express. Not sure, but I think they were quite happy…


People being nice?! We had a Christmas Jumper Day at work to go towards our Brentwood Half fundraising, organised by the gals upstairs. I don’t know why it made me feel so emotional… my bar for people thinking of me is clearly quite low…

Poo breaks at Christmas.

Ryan. I fancy him more every day. Gross.

So, that's it. I did it. A monthly round-up blog, every month of 2018. I won't lie, I’m glad to see the back of these posts, but it’s so great to look back and see everything I did, and how far I’ve come in a year. I initially wanted to do these posts to make sure I still kept up with this blog after getting a full-time job at Anthony Nolan, but turns out I feel more free and settled having this job compared to part-time and freelancing. It’s funny what happens when you’re happy…

2018’s been one of the better years. New jobs, promotions, travelling, visiting friends, lots of parkrun tourism, and a big bunch of working on ourselves and our happiness. And amidst all the adventure, I think we’ve set ourselves up well for a big 2019… 

Louise out. x

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