25 Nov 2009

Oh la la

I'VE LEARNT MY FRENCH PRESENTATION! xD Oh yeahhh, just what like 5 other essays to learn before next wednesday? : Stupid french orals (haha oral), if they were during the other mocks I would be fine cos I would be on study leave then and I would have loads of time to learn them, but no, they have to be a week before the mocks start ¬¬ not impressed.
Anyway, I know what I'm doing for my Art now :) And I'm getting somewhere with my Textiles x) So that stress has gone; ordered my revision guides aswell earlier 8)

I'm A Celeb last night - effing hilarious! Gino D'Acampo ftw! <3>

Really wanna go to the Heat magazine exhibition in London on Saturday, got tickets for All Star Mr & Mrs too, just gotta hope Nadia and Emma can/are allowed to come *crosses fingers*. The Gap Year's competition closed today, oooo the tension the tension! I worked hard on that so praying I won x)

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