6 Dec 2009

What a week!

I said I'd do one of these like everyday...AHWELL :) once every so often will have to do ;) So...

Saturday 28th: Saw the Heat exhibition and All Star Mr & Mrs with Emma :) Such a good day! But was oh so bloody freezing! Queuing outside ITV Studios for 3 hours, PAINFUL. Was worth it though, I love Schofe so muchhhh, and Fern's lost so much weight she looks amazing! Entered another GMT competition, had to write a poem about The Gap Year, seriously wanted to win it!

Sunday 29th 11pm: *cough*

Monday 30th: Was crapping it about my French orals and started to feel really ill, hoped that I was getting swine flu so wouldn't have to do my French...

Tuesday 1st: Started to lose voice reallyyy bad, sore throat, earache, headache, oh I had the works that day. Was asleep by 8pm and didn't go on twitter or my laptop all day, oh yes I was that ill. Went to French teacher and croaked that I couldn't do the French so she let me have an extra week! Score

Wednesday 2nd: Mum dragged me out of bed and made me go to school : Because it was my 'last week before the mocks' Grrr ¬¬ Completely lost my voice, COMPLETELY! Never had anything like it it was shocking, hilarious, but shocking!

Saturday 5th: Felt much better :) Said I'd get lots of work done for the mocks, I didn't. I did do some Art and Textiles, but not enough, oh dear. OHEMGEE found out FlashForward isn't gonna be on again till March...MARCH!!! WTH!!! sadface. And OHEMMGEE EVEN MORE!!!! I WONT THE GMT COMPETITION! EEEEE!!!! Yes yes my poem was genius and Jonny Nutz said my name on GMT...I cannot explain how crazy I went. An iPod Nano and NZ books coming next week! I asked for a signed photo of Jonny too, dunno if I'll get one though *crosses fingers...and toes* And of course, put up the Christmas decorations today :):):):):) yayayayay

Sunday 6th: Saw Nativity with the fam :') Such a cute movie! Alan Carr's in it, what a legend <3 6="" :="" a="" actually="" all="" amp="" and="" audience="" b="" back="" br="" but="" can="" christmassy="" could="" d="" day="" did="" didn="" eeeee="" factor="" fail="" family="" feel="" final="" for="" fortunes="" get="" glad="" good="" have="" head="" him.="" him="" home="" i="" icicles="" in="" is="" mocks="" morning="" my="" nice...danyl="" not="" of="" off="" olly="" or="" other="" out="" prepare="" prezzos="" revise="" shitty="" shocked="" so="" sold="" some="" sorry="" star="" t="" tbh="" the="" then="" these="" they="" thing="" though="" thought="" till="" to="" tomorrow="" tonight="" was="" we="" went="" work="" x="" xd="">
So yeah that was my very eventful week :) Other stuff probs me being half an hour away from finishing my Textiles GCSE dress and getting an A* ;) yeah I forgot to mention that...but it's late and I cba to explain :) You might get another blog before next weekend if you're lucky.

Roll on mocks week number one...

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