13 Feb 2010

AND SHE SMASHES 500!...then gets spammed.

Friday morning was a complete fail. I was meant to get up early to text Nadia and Clare who were both going on holiday *cough* bitches *cough* but I didn't wake up in time. Plus I was going to get Comedy Gala tickets as soon as they came out at 9am, but didn't wake up till 10.30am, nice one. But I did find good seated tickets when I finally got up, so ran down to Mum for her credit card, only to be told 'ERRRRRR no' when I told her how much they were. Okay so they are £55...but it's for charity! And there are over 20 comedians! Including MicMac, Lee Evans and Alan Carr, Mum knows full well how much I love them and would totally spak out when I see them all ON THE SAME STAGE. *faints at the thought* So for the rest of the day I refused to speak to her, I didn't actually move from my room #lazyshit but I'm a teenager so I'm allowed to do eff all. HA.

As I was painfully bored I decided to rise to the challenge of smashing through 500 followers from 460. At first I thought it was impossible and was just doing it through sheer boredom, but then my followers started to slowly rise as people started RTing and whatnot, and by the time I got back after two hours of art coursework I was only 20 away! Oh it was ON like a light switch (best simile I could make, I'm tired) I started begging for followers which I HATE but promised it would be the only time I would do it, and by 11.30 I was 6 away! After a few episodes of Glee (thanks to @jonalmond) I came back at 11.50 and BAM! 502 followers! WIN! Thanks to @CarrieCardiff for the final push I was half way to 1000, oh what a moment that was. Waiting for those last few followers was like having my toes on the finishing line just waiting for a push to cross it. YAYAYAY oh the littlest things.

HOWEVER this morning was a shocker. As soon as I wake up I reach for my itouch and go on Tweetdeck, so, I did when I woke and at first thought I was on a different Twitter or something cos there were all these other people filling up my feed and I didn't have a clue who they were. I had loads of DMs and replies to just spamming me. I freaked. After the acheivement and effort of getting 500 followers my Twitter can't have been totally mucked up?! I frantically switched on my laptop to see the devastation (yes DEVASTATION) in full and began the long process of unfollowing about 80 randomers and bots, after which I then saw my following count had gone down by 210 from the norm before the storm (haha) I stared in horror, now Twitter had made me unfollow 210 Twitters. WTF! I tweet sobbed and stated I would have to get a new account, as every 20mins I would suddenly be following MORE spams and getting more not needed replies and DMs, I had no control! AHHH! Alas the lovely people of Twitter came to my rescue, told me not to go and said to change my password and do other various things, I felt LOVED I tell you, the people of Twitter are my Valentine's. So with that, my Twitter was back to normal *sigh of relief*

After that fiasco I went to do the Lottery and have the biggest clear out of my room EVER (I got rid of 3 sacks full of clothes and whatnot). Twitter is most definitely the way forward of choosing Lottery numbers, I got 2 plus the bonus ball which happened to be my lucky number, WOW, that's pretty good for a first go!
I booked tickets for me and Mum to see 'Valentine's Day' tomorrow and I knew all her credit details off by heart, I'm clearly a true teenage daughter.

Just seen I've done my 9000th tweet, it's officially taken over my life.

And that was my Friday and Saturday, GOODBYE X


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