21 Jun 2010

Only the good die young

There are moments in life where one has question how life works, why certain events occur and how we live our lives. 

Last night a boy in my form class at school, a friend, died from leukaemia. He was my age, just 16, and he died from a vicious form of cancer. Even though I didn't know him terribly well like others did, it still hit me hard. Naturally it was by Facebook that I found out and as I scrolled through the countless statuses expressing the grief, loss and sadness, my stomach churned and my heart dropped to the floor. This young boy was cheeky, funny, and SO loved, it's just not fair. He had his whole life ahead of him, but life didn't want him here, life took advantage of him and took him away.

Recently some shitty shitness has happened in various ways, but especially on twitter. It just hasn't been the same since, there's been an atmosphere and lack of tweets, it's horrible. So, I started a TOP FIVE. Each night I ask a question such as 'Jobs you wanted as a child...' which has brought more people together, getting to know people better and sharing our thoughts. But also it makes people think and reflect on our own lives. And I think people should really do this more, especially when sudden awful heartbreaking events happen. People moaning and complaining on twitter, starting fights, and asking for attention are just STUPID compared to what really matters in life. Why do it? What's the point? If you're seriously that angry with someone then keep it to yourself for goodness sake, or talk to them privately. Starting arguments in the eyes of everyone is just spiteful and is just asking for others to get involved. It's the 'happy slapping videos' of twitter. It's wasting time, time you could be spending thinking of the good things, and appreciating what you have. These things could be gone in an instant, life can surprise you and throw everything back in your face. Life is precious, we all know that, so don't ruin others' lives with the nasty comments and by stirring up trouble. This death has hit me more than I thought it would. It's made me reflect on what I have, what I've achieved and what I want to achieve, before it's too late.

So PLEASE, I ask all of you on twitter lot, and you damn well know who you are, to just think. Before you attempt to start an argument or tweet about your 'shit life', just bloody think. Is it seriously worth it? I want twitter back how it used to be, with laughs, sharing stories and good news, all watching the same TV shows together. Abusing twitter in the right way. 

Liam is the bravest boy I know, he NEVER complained about what was happening to him, he kept his sense of humour and was a shining light for everyone to follow. He's an inspiration. We have our lives, let's live and tweet them in a positive and inspiring way. Yeah?

Over and out. X


  1. What a great post, and you are so right.

    I have just had some sad news too; the mother of my daughter's old classmate has died. She also suffered from cancer. She'd been ill for years and when I last saw her a year ago (I didn't know her very well)she was smiling and just happy to be at our daughters' last speech day.

    Helena xx

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  3. A good point very well made. I have recently deleted all negative people from my networking sites. It is such a relief. As you say, Twitter and FB should be used to share good things and keep us all smiling. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. "People moaning and complaining on twitter, starting fights, and asking for attention are just STUPID"
    If you went to poland, you would instantly commit suicide.

    I absolute agree with your theory of only good people dieing. My good friend is getting beaten by his mum, and he's generally awesome. My friend Dean (well, not friend, but I knew him), was hit by a bus last year :<