8 Jul 2010

Dear Louise...

It's 2020. Blimey that sounds futuristic. How's it going? What are you DOING? You're 26 now, proper grown up, no more complaining about be treated like a child, if that's still happening then you can't use excuses, you've fucked that up yourself.

Ten years have passed Jones, or ARE you still Jones? You can't be married at 26, can you? Do you have children? I can't see that happening myself, but maybe that's what's happened. Anything could happen in ten years I suppose. Maybe you met someone on holiday, or at work, or at Uni. Did you go to Uni? Did you brave it out? Or did you play chicken, freak out and go it your own way? I wouldn't be surprised. Your 16 year old self writing this is shit scared about Uni and would rather not go, being the "I JUST WANNA DO IT NOW" person I am. I kind of hope you did go, and went to one in London like you always hoped. Was it worth it?

I guess the main question I really should ask is, ARE YOU A JOURNALIST? Did you do it? Did you achieve everything you dreamed of as a teen? I wonder who you're working for, a magazine? Newspaper? Maybe you're freelance, I hope you bloody are freelance girl. Although at 26 you might have only just started out and don't have a choice. Ha, I can imagine you being the 'new girl', starting at the bottom and getting told what to do all the time. You'll hate that, being told what to do, you'll want to do your own thing, come up with your own ideas. What about writing books? Still doing that? You a best selling author yet? I wonder if your first ever book, the one I'm writing right now, managed to get published. Probably not. But what if it did? You're a bloody genius girl if it did, I'd be proud of you. But, what if you're not doing anything to do with journalism and writing at all? Maybe you changed your mind, decided to become a secretary, a receptionist, a cashier. I hope not. That would be shit and would prove my 16th year of living an absolute waste of time. Do you even remember how this all started? How a couple of random quick though actions changed your life?

So, how's @louisejones_x? Swear to God you better still be tweeting, that is if Twitter's still going. Mind you, ten years IS a long time and something new has probably started up, wouldn't surprise me. Are you still 'friends' with the people you met on Twitter? What about the people that helped you out and did things for you that you never expected them to do, and made you go !!!!!!!!!!!!! quite a lot? I sincerely hope you are, maybe you're proper friends now? Now you're 26 you're 'allowed' to be proper friends with them, go out for drinks, parties and whatnot. If they want you to, obv. Maybe you turned out to be a right bitch and they turned you away. If that did happen, then I hate you. If it didn't and you ARE proper friends with them, then HIGHFIVE. I wonder how many followers you managed to get, over a thousand? Few thousand? Perhaps somehow you're famous and have tens of thousands. I want your autograph if you are famous.

I just hope you're happy, 26 year old me. I hope you're successful. I hope you're doing everything you wanted to do. I hope you fought your way through A levels, Uni, and the start of life. Your 16 year old self doesn't really understand life yet, no matter how much she rabbles on about it and complaining about how she DOES understand things. I don't think she does. Am I doing things right now? Going the right way about things? I'm just watching and listening right now, gaining experiences, and people are influencing me hella loads atm. I just hope I'm not screwing things up and going too far with things. I am 16 after all. I'm meant to be going out to parties, hanging around parks, getting drunk, making stupid teen mistakes, and crying over boys. But I'm not. Should I be? Did I miss out? Please tell me I didn't miss out.

I wonder what life's like in 2020. Have we still got a fucked up government? Probably. Is Apple still making pointless yet still amazeballs products? Probably. Are we still at war with Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan? Probably. I hope it's alright, I hope it hasn't changed that much from now, 2010. Ooh I hope they made hovercrafts, or flying cars, or somehow created a way for people to fly. Bloody hell that would be incredible. I bet books don't even exist now. Do people even know how to write still? Or have we gone back to cavemen and converse in grunts because the internet has taken over the world? Again, I wouldn't be surprised. DID BIG BROTHER COME BACK? Did it really move to Channel 5? Was I on BB if it did? I would have auditioned I'm telling you now. What about Doctor Who? Daleks still pissing around? I wonder how many footballers have admitted to cheating. All of them, I'm guessing. I bet we don't even HAVE a national football team now cos we're so shit. Is Prince Harry King yet? He better be. OMG did you marry him? Maybe you're living in Buck Pal with all your little posh kids running around, going to Ascot and taking part in Trooping the Colour. Cor, good on you girl if you are, GOOD ON YA.

Well I'm off to carry on writing my book, you know, that best selling book that sold hundreds and hundreds of copies ten years ago? Yeah, that one. I just want you to remember everything, Louise. Remember all the things you did as a 16 year old, and how the hell you managed to do everything you did 'back in the day', how much you couldn't believe the things happening to you, the opportunities you started to have. You were one lucky sod. I really do hope, that by some miraculous reason, you manage to read this when the time comes. I guess the point of it is to see whether I'm everything I hoped I would be, and to see whether I grew up to be the lovely, funny, awesome woman I dream of being. Living in London with a gorgeous family, having amazing inspirational friends, writing books and being a freelance journalist. I mean, that's if the world doesn't end in 2012, that is...


  1. Awesome! :) Love it - really made me think about the future and what it holds for me too, even though I'm already my 26 year old self (well I will be next week!! Yikes!) Hope your 26 year old self is all you want her to be xxx

  2. my 26 year old self was nothing like I had expected. I had 3 kids, was a full time mum and loving it. I didnt go to Uni, and got married. I was SUPPOSED to go to Uni and study music, play in a big orchestra. Its funny how life rarely turns out how we expect.

  3. My sister is about 21, happily married :) 1 child, less than a year old.

    What a great blog post!

  4. What an inspired piece of writing. I hope you do write your book, whether it's now or as your 26 yo self. I'd buy it, if the writing is anything like your blogging.
    Good luck, and I hope you do live all your dreams. Go to uni if you can, it will be a great experience.