31 Jul 2010


Well, GCSEs, you were well and truly beaten to the ground, and after a prom and two induction days, I WAS FREE TO DO WHATEVER THE EFF I WANTED. And so started July 2010...

2nd - That little thing that occurred called BIG BROTHER, aka, THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. Read here for full OMGOMGOMGness.

4th - The nomtastic third film of the Twilight saga, Eclipse. I don't care if you don't understand the hype of it all. I'm a 16 year old girl, therefore I am allowed to be unconditionally and irrevocably in love with it. Although, for most of the film me and my friend did just take the piss out of the whole film...especially the Cullens' eyebrows...and sexual innuendos. I also got a round of applause from my friends because I booked the tickets (yes really) which lead to the two rows in front also applauding me. Oh aren't they the funny ones.

7th - The first time I was going to London SANS ANYONE. This was the first trip of many up to that big ol' city of mine and it was SUCH a good day. Up to Oxford Street (without getting lost, RESULT), meeting Sali Hughes and being taken for lunch, with added Paul and @BelgianWaffling. I know right, it was WELL grown up innit.

9th - Saw The Stephen K Amos show at the BBC with mum. We do love SKA, but as it was his first show and it was all scripted, it wasn't that funny. The bits inbetween takes were HILARIOUS, but I think we'll stick to seeing his stand-up.

10th - Gossip and LOLs night round Nadia's. I love her.

12th - This day was AMAZEBALLS. The plan was to see the lunchtime recording of The 5 O'Clock Show, but that failed, so instead I went to a magazine office, an ACTUAL MAGAZINE OFFICE. You know, with people working on the next issue and everything, nommed on raspberries for a bit while tweeting, before going back to The 5 O'Clock show and seeing John Barrowman! JTRGMXRNMGKXCETG it was amazing. And it rained and blew a feisty gale, causing me to gain a moustache. 

13th - Back on the train, seems like my second home lately, but this time to Southend with 13 other teenagers. Oh commuters LOVED US. Had fun on the rides and had ice cream on the beach, all in the rain. LOVELY. Plus, Leon from Eastenders was there, which me and Kiera went barmy over. Complete with leather jacket and sunglasses. Cor.

19th - Toy Story 3 and McDonald's with my bestie. I felt about 7 again. The film is absolutely brilliant and really emotional! I want to bring my Barbies back. Well in Pixar, well in.

21st - The day my mind went WTF and OMG and other such abbreviations. Inception. That movie is SO GOOD with so many underlying meanings that I'm only just finding out about, but would actually rather not as my brain had settled on everything that happened and I really shouldn't fuck about with it. Considering my love for dreaming and other fancy pancy stuff, it was AWESOME.

22nd - 23rd - Nan and Grandad's house with my little brother. Apart from this time, I took him on the trains and buses instead of mum driving us. Matt was clearly bouncing off the walls at being let off the leash and would not SHUT UP the whole way there. "Louise look at this..." "Louise can we go there?" "What's that Louise?" "Are we getting off now Louise?" He wants to be a pilot, if you were wondering. Then he beat me at Scrabble that night, so I drowned my sorrows, by reading two books.

24th - Scorcher of a day, spent at Jake's BBQ flashing my new playsuit.

26th - The start of Operation Mum's Birthday, the start of the TweetCard...

28th - Mum's birthday. Involving breakfast in bed, present opening, TGI Friday's and mum's best friend coming round with her daughters Charlotte and Georgia. LOL night that was. For example, Georgia: "I thought herpes was a Greek God?" Charlotte: "George that's Hermes..." Oh it was full on ROFLMAO stuff.

29th - James' birthday, where I got a tad tipsy, Nadia got properly together with Sam, and I fell off the swing.

30th - Back to London with Charlotte and Georgia. First stop, Southbank to watch This Morning and watch Spellbound do there thang. After a walk along The Thames, we went to Harrods to awe at the hugeness and glamourness of the place, but soon got bored and hungry so went to Hyde Park, to only get refused pedalos cos we lied about our age. Oops. I'm sorry but I am NOT paying a tenner when a child's ticket is £3! So we went to Covent Garden instead, saw Captain Jack Sparrow and stalked Heat towers for two hours, which was the highlight of the whole day. Everytime a Heat person walked out I went OMG and spazzed like they were proper celebs. Weirdo right here. Plus we got busted by the nommy nom nom and also phwoar Heatgeek. So we rolled about laughing on the pavement until a foreign person asked us directions...

31st - Today. Reminiscing over the last month and getting ready for tomorrow, for my auntie and cousin who are over from Canada. SCREAM.

If August is anything like this month, then BRING. IT. ON. X

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  1. I don't think it will be, at least for me. I'm going to Poland for nearly the whole month. Give me strength...