You can find me oversharing at @louisejonesetc on both Twitter and Instagram.

I now work full-time, but have lots of experience with freelance work and am incapable of being chill, so if you're interested...

Previous work includes:

- Writing for The Mix, a charity supporting under 25s with sex, drugs, mental health, housing, education... you name it
- Making asthma sexy at Asthma UK (No really, this is literally why they got me in.)
- Creating resources for teachers for Beat, the eating disorder charity
- Being a regular contributor for betty, writing about periods and puberty for teenage girls
- Blogging and editing at Rose & Butterfly, the brainchild of no-bullshit life coach Helen Williams

Mental health, sex, relationships and supporting young people to be empowered and thrive is my thing. I love a good pep talk. But I'll write about anything. Apart from that, I won't write about that...

If you think we could work together, please get in touch! I love emails. Live for them.

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  1. Hello? Anybody there? What is this website/blog? I might as well be emailing the ancestors on Europa, is there a planet called Europa, any way - I am here for a reason,forgive me if I'm intruding, I wrote a whole load of stuff on somebody's 'timeline' on Facebook once, not knowing that you don't do that.
    Well where else does one write it.

    Closed Fizzbitch account accordingly.

    So, here I am and what I want to offer is this.

    Apprehensiin=>Anxiety=>Breathing probs=>Can't breathe.

    If you are apprehensive of a forthcoming, course, interview, job, test, exam and also prone to breathing difficulties. My theory only, is, the apprehension would send your body down the road if anxiety through to not being able to breathe, dialling 911 or 999 or 111 etc.

    I'm not talking here about wheezing with obvious infection stuff and mucus everywhere - I'm talking about panic / anxiety. Again I not talking about being worried because you are in a dangerous spot like falling over, falling off a cliff, waking up in a ten to see a herd of raging elephants coming your way at about 500 metres and closing, no.

    I'm talking about home cooked, self developed breathing problems from situations that you "think* you cannot get out off.

    This situation is called the stressor.

    And the thing it causes is stress and a certain iunt if every day stress keeps us on our toes but to much produces strain.

    A lump of apprehension, forthcoming exam, test, course big thin BIG THING in your life can but not always lead to anxiety and eventually breathiness.

    You doc will have told you about breathing for 3 seconds in 3 seconds out or even a nice long 6 second breathe in and let it out pursing your lips.

    Or you may have learnt panic attXk techniques like, think of five things you can see. Think if five things you like. Think if five colours you can see five colours that are your faves etc. This stuff works so use it!! It don't feel silly if you're struggling to breeeeeath. So that takws care of the emergencies - don't forget your blue inhaler.

    It I'm not here for that. I'm here to say. If something is hanging over you or on your mind or in your head remove it.

    This could be the stressor.

    Bitten off too much in your career choice? Overwhelmed by forthcoming whatever (and having breathy can't breathe attXks) then remove cancel/postpone whatever is hanging inside you.

    Remove the panic source.

    Remove the stressor. Then check your breathing.

    Just saying - for those who can't breathe. Properly.

    Like: COPD/ASTHMA/CANT BREATHE sufferers.

    Without being an Asthmatic you can still get this in an extremely fraught emotional situation, especially if you are very young. A row with a parent, or something pretty bad line that, if this happens, it's only temporary, calm down, you're not going to die.

    Just use the techniques to breeeeeath above. They are mechanical they work, strangely enough.

    When, I said about moving the stressor - we obviously you cannot remove your parent but you can retreat to your room. Then avoid conflict. Tell them you feel ill. Then if you're still having a hard time do t worry, there will soon be college/University/job/life/freedom.

    The above was based on me with COPD booked and scraped to pay course course👍👻had delay due to medical review, all clear after a year, then Corona Lockdown - waiting months and months - all clear - then I can't breathe - postponed for another 3 months. Breathing probs became the king of my life. Better, worse, better, worse, Corona?, nah!, better, worse🙄.~~~

    Cancel course, get money back.