31 Oct 2018

The October Edition

September 30th: I’m thankful for my recent ability to realise when I’m on my way to burning out and pulling back a bit… still working on the ‘pulling back a bit’.

Hahahaha. Haha. Ha.

I fitted about four months into one in October. Why am I like this.

21 Oct 2018

A tale of two halves

After I finished bossed smashed annihilated the Cardiff Half at the beginning of October, I banged on quite a bit about how I’d knocked 17 minutes off my half marathon PB, and how I’d bludgeoned with a metaphorical hammer a whole 42 minutes off my first ever half marathon time, almost two years ago to the day. 2:48 to 2:06.

I could continue to bang on about how far I’ve come in those two years, but I won’t. TL;DR: I’ve come far and done fucking well. Fin.

This tale isn’t about those two halves. This is about the Cardiff Half, and the half marathon I was meant to do in March this year: the Brentwood Half. Spoiler: I didn't do it.