29 Jun 2017

How do you run after a marathon?

It sounds stupid, doesn’t it? How do you run after you’ve  JUST RUN 26.2 MILES? Lots of running, that. You definitely know how to run.



I couldn’t run? It’s a thing. I’d heard of the thing and I oh-pish-poshed at the thing, and then I ran a marathon and thought I could, and would, never run again. 

It might have been the ‘post marathon-blues’ or something completely different, but this is how I became utterly fucking terrified of putting one foot in front of another post-ACTUAL MARATHON.

15 Jun 2017

I saved the life of my body, and now it could save another's

I had to weigh myself yesterday. I don’t have any scales in our flat, so I had to use a friend’s after work. I try to not make a habit of weighing myself, although I am low-key attempting to lose a bit of weight and have been all year. I tracked my weight during marathon training out of interest to see how my body was changing, and I lost quite a bit. It was pretty cool to see how your body adapts.

I weighed myself yesterday because Anthony Nolan, the blood cancer charity, told me to. Because they rang me and told me I might be a match for someone with blood cancer. There’s someone out there who’s in need of a stem cell transplant and my profile came up as someone who could save them. I could save their life with my body. 

I could literally be saving a life.

1 Jun 2017

Prague, Czech Republic (September 2016)

This time it was MY turn to choose a weekend destination. 

It didn’t take too long to choose Prague having seen my Twitter, Facebook, and Insta feeds full of photos over the last six months. It was clearly a popular place to go, in both the summer and winter months. It looked beautiful and, pals, there's a BRIDGE and if you follow me on Insta then you’ll be well aware of my adoration for a good bridge.