31 Mar 2018

The March Edition

This year's obligatory Mother's Day photo for social media

March has always been a pretty non-eventful month for me. November, too. March and November are usually *shrugs*. Was this March non-eventful? Haha. Hahaha. Ha. 

Aside from the fall, which I’ve already blogged about so won’t bore you with more details, a lot of other stuff happened. Good and bad. The bad is that an old family friend died, my auntie had a brain tumour removed (bad that she had it, good that she could have it removed), and both Ryan and I were in hospital/the doctors’, a few times a week. 

The good is that my little cousin had her baby. 

We came full circle.

19 Mar 2018

Controlling the fall

Every Tuesday night, when I went running with our running club, I’d always imagine falling over. 

I’d trip up a kerb, or run into railings, or fall down a hill. I’d imagine scenarios where I’d knock myself out and wonder what the others would do. Would someone call 999? Would they knock on a neighbour’s door and ask for help? Would I be dead? If Ryan was there, would he have a panic attack? Would he pick me up and run with me back to the car? How bad would my injuries be? Would my bone be sticking out, would I have a head injury? When would I wake up? On the ground, in hospital? Days, weeks later? Would I ever run again? 

Would tonight be the night that I fall?