30 Jan 2010


It's been a week since my last blog I refuse to repeat what happened *adjusts lucky horse shoe above laptop*

So Monday was meant to be the most depressing day of the year. Post Christmas bills start to come through and arguments with partners cause break ups, lovely. I thought that day was alright; however can't say the same for my teachers, my theory is that they all had severe PMS, even the male ones.

I entered an amazing competition Monday too to go the X Factor tour, get free food, free accomodation and go backstage, AHH!
This week was a very competition..y week as a matter of fact, I entered 4 within the space of 4 days. Sad? No. Obessessed? Yes. Two Big Brother ones, the X Factor one and a Heat one.

Wednesday was clearly the best day of this week. Found out if I had succeeded in my first 'freelance showbiz journalist' *smug smile* job. And I did! Getting paid and all. UTTERLY BRILLIANT! Speaking of utterly brilliant, Davina went into CBB. HER TIME HAD COME and I don't think there has been quite a TV gold moment, I would even go as far to saying it was platinum. She was diguised and had the 4 male housemates literally harassing her to find out who she was. Got in a right state in the diary room bless her; I just wanted to run in there myself and grab and save her. But I settled for a virtual hug instead. Alas that hug could be real if I get to go to CBB this Summer courtesy of @simperman! *keeps calm and hopes down*

Oh what larks Thursday was. Had our first Citizenship lesson, basically just learning about crime and murder, hmm. But when we saw who our teacher was we couldn't wait to hear more! No, it wasn't Jack the Ripper you fool, we're not Waterloo Road, it was THE CAMPEST teacher around. He spoke like the caterpillar in Alice and Wonderland, you know the 'Whooo areee youuuuu' smoking thing. This teacher, I don't even know his name, grinned like the cheshire cat (his favourite film was clearly Alice in Wonderland) at all times. Par Exemple, 'And he BEHEADED them!! :D :D :D' We were stunned yet highly amused by this man, who then went on to be very racist, yet claim he could not be racist because he himself was indian...don't really think it works like that but there you are.

Friday shall be called Batterday from hence forth. Because I got battered and bruised to the extent of me thinking I could quite possibly die on the way home. In my Business class I went to sit down when a not needed (well it probably was) pole got in the way of my knee and decided to bash into it, causing me to scream, cry and collapse on the ground. I was oh so tempted to then go 'Have you ever had an accident at work that wasn't your fault?' but I resisted. I seriously thought I had broken it, I couldn't walk for the rest of the day. So now my knee is all purple and strapped up, sob. Then I got pelted with a milkshake bottle by a twat of a Year 9 boy, well he did apologise, but nevertheless *stares angrily* Talking of younger years, we were sitting at lunch when two Year 10s proceeded to drag our table over the them. Why? It's beyond me.
On the bright side, I got follow fridays from quite a few people, including Heat! And Karen Edwards (who works for the genius mag) is now following me! YAY.
A big weight was also lifted off my shoulders yesterday as I handed in a lot of coursework and my Sixth Form/A Level application letter. Da da DAAAAAA! It was a tense moment. English Language, Media Studies, Human Biology (yes there's a difference) and Psychology, with English Literature as a reserve. Sound good? Me thinks so.
It was the end of CBB last night. Alex Reid won and I have to be honest, I'm glad! He changed the public's view on him and therefore deserves it. I'm gonna be a lost puppy without it now though, what am I going to spend my evenings doing? Suggestions welcome.

So that was a round up of my week, and I leave you with a pork scratching that looks like a pig. I refuse to eat it. CIAO.

P.S. My blog title is related to Eddie Izzard's 'Stripped' WATCH IT.

24 Jan 2010

Once upon a weekend my Internet ran away...

This could quite possibly be the most frustrating, depressing and stressful weekend of my life. Ever.

It all started off on a cold and dark winters night...which has no relevance at all but really sets the scene doesn't it? I was watching Celebrity Big Brother's Big Mouth (CBBBM) on my laptop cos Dad decided to watch the ever so thrilling *yawn* darts on Sky; I watch TV shows on It's very good but so effing slow. Anyway I was powering my way through the buffering when my internet decided to cut out. Great I thought, however this happens a lot to me and usually comes back on 30seconds later, but when it didn't, I could feel my heart beating louder and louder as my mind went through so many possibilities. Before I got carried away ('OMG WHAT IF ALIENS HAVE BROKEN THROUGH THE ATMOSPHERE AND CUT OFF ALL COMMUNICATION DEVICES'), I went to switch the internet box thing off and on again, which should didn't. It was at this point I started writing my will before crawling under the duvet to listen to depressing songs.

Saturday morning I woke up forgetting last night's disaster and switched my laptop on as normal. I nearly fell of my chair when I saw 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' and scurried downstairs to munch on a pain au chocolat to get my sugar levels up. By now I'd convinced myself that everything would be fine, it was just a little hiccup and it would be back to normal soon, so me and my Mum sat down to watch Eddie Izzard's DVD - which is HILARIOUS might I add. As the evening drew near my Mum phoned up the Orange people who are our Internet servers and ended up in a huge shouting match with them (they said we needed a new box thing and it wouldn't be here for 3-5 days, I'm sorry, but NO!) After speaking with the supervisor who said give it 48hours while they try and fix it, my Mum slammed the phone down and went to make herself a cuppa, leaving me standing in the middle of room for 20mins. literally, not knowing what to do with myself. I ended up on the floor in the foetal position clutching my phone and sobbing, seriously, for about half an hour listening to more depressing songs. Then I sorted out my wardrobe. That in itself explains my state of mind at this point.

I began to do my Physics coursework out of sheer boredom and losingitosity when I convinced myself we were being burgled, I even typed out 999 on my phone. The doorbell and my Mum went to answer it; my music was turned up loud but suddenly I heard a slam, a high pitched shout, mumbling, then silence. I'm sorry but who wouldn't think that was someone forcing their way into your home? My reaction was like a meerkat's. I sat up, turned the music off, grabbed my phone and steered my eyes towards my windows hatching an escape plan (which was already in my head, you know when you go through scenarios of 'What would I do if...'? Well this was one of those.) But my scenario was shattered when my brother ran up the stares asking if I wanted a bacon sandwich.

This dreadful day ended by texting Ronan and Max to keep me sane. Ronan said my internet had clearly run away with a distant relative to Yugoslavia and Max said I was missed and he couldn't find Lion King anywhere today. Yes that kept me sane.

Woke up Sunday miserable again, knowing full well this would be a day of no internet and therefore no life. I planned to sit in my pjs all day doing nothing but play Sims 2, when something flickered in my brain telling me to search for other wireless networks around. I gingerly pressed the refresh button on the wireless page, and one came up with no security. However much I tried to keep them down my hopes were having a sky high rave inside me as I double clicked. 'Connecting...CONNECTED.' My eyes zipped down to the little computer icon in the bottom right hand corner and the X had gone but the little blue circle over the computers still wasn't there. This moment was like a baby being born and everyone waiting for it to eyes were glued and time stood still as BAM! BLUE CIRCLE! I screamed, I jumped, I kissed the laptop screen as my mouse flew to the IE icon and tabs flew open to Twitter, YouTube, Hotmail, Facebook and 4OD...which is why my laptop then crashed...THE END.

NOT REALLY. Yes it crashed but I biffed myself round the head telling myself to stay calm this time. I checked each tab one by one, leaving 40D to the end. Then another kerfuffle happened. This internet connection was SOOOOOO slow, like old people shuffling in front of you in the high street. Big Mouth didn't work at first, it 'error occured' me, but then it did! But was slow too, the buffer thing took long then it decided to freeze every 5 seconds, literally. After 7 AND A HALF HOURS of watching Big Mouth it got to half way AND SHUT DOWN. Then it was my turn to freeze in horror. I almost slumped to the floor again when my brain again took over and diverted me to YouTube where I found it! THANK YOU SWEET BABY STEVIE B! But AGAIN it was slow and was freezing all the time. However finally the miracle happened when Davina eventually ran over to the reason I wanted to watch this so much, Paul Simper (@simperman)! FINALLY I SEE HIM MOVE AND TALK! The 10 seconds of chat were worth the stress then I closed it and went to munch on a biscuit. Nom.

So the moral of this story is ALWAYS BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST. It can surprise you at any moment and if it happens to any of you, I feel your pain. Now all I can do is wait for the new Orange Internet box, thing, to arrive. Until then, I'm stuck behind this Granny Internet. *Sigh* I love you all. X

P.S. By the way, @OfficialBB are doing a competition to win housemate's art from last week. You have to draw a housemate and email it to CBB. This is mine of Sov. Likey?

21 Jan 2010

National Television Awards

Oh Em GEE! I would have written about them last night when I got in but frankly I was too exhausted and couldn't be bothered, so collapsed in bed clutching my autograph book instead...

*stares at blank screen, at the time in the bottom right hand corner* "LOUISE WATCHING THE TIME ISN'T GOING TO MAKE IT GO ANY FASTER!" I was doing that all day. Getting out my phone, looking at the time, putting it away...5 seconds later...getting out my phone, looking at the time, putting it away. I don't think I've ever been so excited about something in my whole life. And it seemed that the last 10 minutes of school went uber slow, like it was playing a trick on me. *second hand forcibly creeps forward...then pings back* "OHHHHHH GOT YOU THAT TIME!" It was PAINFUL. Plus Twitter decided to block itself every now and again on the school computers so I couldn't even tweet to keep my mind of things! Torture I know.

When time finally gave up I zoomed out of class Road Runner style to meet my Mum...oh and Nadia, Ronan and Sarah. I think they actually thought I was going to collapse I was getting so 'flappy' as my Mum called it. Either that or explode into a ball of dust on the car seat. The rushing was worth it though, arrived at the O2 at 4.25, record breaking time surely! Only half an hour to get there...then we saw the queue for the Red Carpet. I bloody hate queues. I spend about half my life in them to see TV shows, sad I know, DON'T JUDGE ME.

But oh my sweet holy little baby Stevie B it was SO WORTH IT! I actually turned into a psycho on that red carpet, you can now officially call me a celeb obsessive *hangs head in shame* I allow you to throw tomatoes at me. We were in a relatively good spot, just where the cars pull up and celebs get out. First up was all the Eastenders lot, Charlie Clements (Bradley) was the sweetest bless him. Made sure he saw everyone waiting for photos and autographs before going to the paps and press.

<- book="" my="" signing="" span="">

Actually the majority of the Enders lot were like that, and they didn't win Best Soap... *tuts shakes head* After an hour and half of screaming, signing, snapping and the occasional 'who the hell is that' awkward...we dragged ourselves away to grab our seats for the start of the Awards. Oh and typically the ones I most wanted to see, David Tennant and Ant & Dec, arrived just after we left...but let's not dwell on that monstrosity.

As the little old man went to scan our tickets, whilst Nadia planted her hand on his face to demonstrate how cold it was out that...pretty sure he would have believed us if we just told him but there we go, the scanner made an awful bleeping sound which lead to us three girls slowly turning to stare daggers at Ronan, ready to launch and kill at any moment if these tickets had failed, when the little old man pulled us through and told us we'd been upgraded! Which then lead to group hugging and yelping...and a lot of 'OH SHUT UP' stares from others. Our seats had been moved as our view would have been restricted in our booked seats, nice of them to change us. We were now sitting on the side next to the stage, MUCH better view than we would have done! All was well in the world. Well, in the O2 anyway.

Now seeing as I'd been asked by a magazine to find any goss in the arena (I'm a showbiz correspondent, oh yeah, don't mess bitch) I flopped out my little notepad and pen to scribble down frantic notes in a professional civilised manner...Okay so maybe I was a little bit excited that this was my first job and could be a big step for me...I'm 16 with no qualifications for goodness sake, pretty proud of myself! Yay.

As the ceremony got underway we soon lost our voices after screams in abundance for every celeb that graced our view below, whether we knew them or not, if they were famous, we screamed. Award after award was presented, as was break after break, all bloody 8 of them. We were entertained by Joe McElderry (I got his autograph, he is a munchkin)

<- joe="" span="">

and JEdward *tumbleweed floats past* HOWEVER the atmosphere took a swift change as suddenly people around us starting mumbling 'blablabla Katie Price...blablabla look behind...blabla is that really her?' Oh and heads turned as everyone started to realise that sitting right behind us was none other than the entrepreneur *cough* herself Katie Price!
With that awful woman she calls a best friend Michelle Heaton *growls* I do NOT like that woman, she's so up herself and gives everyone 'Oh haha I'm a celeb I'm rich your poor ner ner ner' looks, OH GO AWAY YOU...EKRUHFMNHUG! *sharp nod* But anyway, it broke up the evening as everyone tried to snap Katie in her admittedly stunning dress, while someone chipped in going 'Boooooo TEAM ANDRE!' To which she just sarcastically replied 'Oh so predictable!' A woman of many comebacks is Katie. *adds to notepad* Ronan quipped a joke in going 'Katie, Dane still loves you!' response but made us chuckle. The actual awards were brilliant, we were just in awe of all these celebs which we usually see on the TV, just sitting there in front of us, chatting away...they're normal people! Who'd have thought it?! Most awards were so deserved and the atmosphere in the Arena was so electric and supportive. Brilliant! No other way I can describe it really.

After we'd finished NOMMING (YES it's a word use it) over David Tennant, oofft, we started to wind down as the show came to an end. It was 10pm, we hadn't eaten in 8 hours and WEREN'T CHOSEN TO PRESENT THE AWARD *strops* We were sitting so close to that Carly as well. 'How much do you want this?' 'Oh a lot...' Yeah I'm pretty sure there were a lot more people that wanted it more than you did...ANYWAY after we left the O2 the wrong train. Oops. Ended up at West Ham on a platform that had no trains arriving...eerie. So we soon left there and finally found MACDONALDS. Nom, never been in need of salty greasy fries and nuggets so much.

Got home at 12.30 and after a quick summary to the rents of the night, a flick through autograph book, scan through photos and a quick fire email, I feel asleep...

17 Jan 2010

Ricky the Asian Asian Asian

As much as I go on about hating Science, my Biology lessons are filled with top notch hilariousnosity. For example *ahem*, my teacher was talking about the brain and whatnot on Friday, and me and Nadia were scribbling away in our books...with little pictures, when we heard 'I accidently did it with my dog once.' From then on that lesson turned into a 'How many sexual innuendos can we find' lesson, rather than a Biology one. Took me at least half an hour to calm down.

I must explain this blog title, which is to do with Biology too, naturally. Like I said we're learning about the brain and had to do a big mind map based on what my teacher was talking about, so me and Ronan just wrote 'Brain' in the middle and wrote notes round the outside, adding a small picture here and there. But Nadia, being the deranged wierd-minded child that she is, decided to base everything on Pinky and Brain...I know, I thought that too. So in Business I decided to text her (I do do work in my lessons, honest) saying Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain, but it was on predictive text, and came out with Ricky and the Asian Asian Asian, so I left it at that, and it shall be known as that from hence forth.

So all in all, Friday was a funny day, and this weeekend hasn't been bad either, if you don't include the 6 big pieces of school work I had to do...tell me about it, was thinking the same, we're doing this a lot, must be psychic. SO. Yesterday Mum made me get up at 7.30am, I laughed when she said that to me Friday night, then realised she wasn't joking. It was definately worth it though. Got my whole NTA outfit. IT'S NOM as you can see from the photo.

Plus other bits including Eddie Izzard's DVD - I have love for him right now. Oh and I finally got a 2010 diary! Yes I realise I was 15 days late but better late than never. Today was alright, Mum went to Harrods for the day, leaving me with my football mad Dad and brother who took the advantage of Mum not being here and invited all their mates round to watch the Villa. So I turned into a hermit and locked myself in my room for the day, turned up my Glee album to drown out the 'GO ON MY SON!'s and 'GETTT IIINNNNNNNNNNN!!!'s. Or 'REF YOU NUMNUT!' <- a="" alone="" and="" did="" father="" go="" got="" homework.="" however="" into="" kitchen="" let="" lovely.="" my="" never="" on="" prezzos="" quoi="" sexy.="" span="" to="" was="" we="" which="" with="">

Just look at that dessert.

Right now I'm watching Dancing On Ice, boys turn tonight and Danny was AMAZING! I could hear the Saunders' a mile off in the audience too ha. Must retire for the night now, need to get organised and keep myself calm before the big night Wednesday. EEEEEEEEEEEEE *excited face*. I'd be ever so grateful if you could circulate these blogs somehow, I'm interesting, promise *sweet face*. I love you all. X

14 Jan 2010

Respect midpoints? No.

Who else find this really strange? I had Maths last today and one of the questions included the phrase, "...are the midpoints of AB, BC and OC respectively" No, I'm telling you now I will NOT respect something that HURTS MY TINY FRAGILE BRAIN. I do not and can guarantee right now that I will never ever have to work out Vectors in my life. Hmph.

MOVING ON. I got my GCSE mock results today and I'm quite happy with them. :) 6 As, 4 Bs and 1 C. Quite good don't you think? Considering I do not understand a word in my Physics and Chemistry lessons...I make sexual innuendos with Nadia from what my teachers say instead...and got a B in them! Genius. I won't talk about the C in Business. I don't do Business.

Has anyone else thought this week has gone really fast? Seems like only last night I was transported and brainwashed into the marvellous world of Glee...Oh.My.Glee <3 8d.="" a="" along="" am="" amazing="" and="" be="""" blogging="" bloody="" br="" but="" cheesy="" d="" did="" different="" disowned="" don="" downloaded="" drippy="" effing="" even="""" fear="" first="" for="" fringe="" haven="" high="" how="" hsp...alas="" i="" impressions.="" in="" is="" it.="" it="" know="" last="" lot.="" love="" make="" makes="" much="" musical-ish="" my="" night...http:="" not="" ohwell.="" ones.="" s="" school="" show="" sing="" slightest.="" so="" soundtrack="" t="" that="" the="" this="" thought="" to="" ugly="" up="" ve="" vlog="" what="" why="" with="" young="">
I'm off to wash my feet. Don't ask. SO LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG FRIENDS. X

P.P.S. Next week is drawing closer, NTA TIME! Oh what a blog that shall be.
P.P.P.S. JOIN THIS NOW for @jonalmond.
P.P.P.P.S. Did anyone find out what P.S. means?

9 Jan 2010

Get Down - Twenty Twenty

^ IS AN AMAZING SONG ^ <- a="" href="" new="" their="" ttband.="" video.="">
^ One of my tweets was on Celebrity Big Brother's Big Mouth last night! ^

^ Spent most of today trying to finish Breaking Dawn, I'm so close to finishing it... ^

I'm stupidly boringly bored. I've acheived nothing today. Actually that's a lie. I cleaned my desk and now it's really organised.

Lalalalalalala OMG probably the biggest thing that's happened today was that my wardrobe door flew open and all my books fell out, *shifty eyes, backs away from wardrobe*

Apart from that, eff all has happened.
I'm off to amuse myself, maybe play Twister, on my own, bye.

P.S. Watch All Star Mr & Mrs tonight, I'm in the audience :) It's hilarious.
P.P.S. Watch Dancing on Ice and vote for Danny Young! I know his cousins and he's lovely. @DJYoungofficial.
P.P.P.S. Do you like my new layout of my blog? Bit professional ;D
P.P.P.P.S. I added photos today, I feel clever.
P.P.P.P.P.S. What does P.S. even mean?

6 Jan 2010


EVERYBODY STOP! There's a dusting of snow, therefore, EVERYTHING MUST COME TO A STAND STILL OR WE WILL ALL DIE! *builds ark 2012 style*

I love the fascination and chaos that comes with snow. Most of the time it's snow unneccessary...see what I did there? ;) But to be honest I don't care, it's great, it's exciting, IT'S WHITE FLUFFY STUFF :D No matter how much it snows, year after year after year, everyone still gets so amazed by it! And the same process happens, well in a child and teenager's life anyway.

1. You hear that there's a possibility that it could snow in your area over the next couple of days.
2. Ever minute you have spare you either a) check the weather online, or b) constantly stare out the window or go outside and squint at the air and sky for any signs of white fluffiness.
3. As soon as you wake up in the morning your face and hands are plastered against your bedroom window to see if Narnia has arrived.
4. No matter how thick it is, if any settled snow is visible on the ground you turn into a 7 year old and scream with happiness, instantly stating that school is off.
5. You turn on radios, facebook and school websites just to confirm your theory.
6. You go through that agonising wait for your School's name and refresh websites every 10 seconds whilst also informing facebook that your headteacher is gay or an idiot/twat/other word to that effect...until you hear your school's name, then they're amazing, funny that.
7. When there's been conformation school's off, you either a) go back to bed, or b) go out in the snow for about 10mins before getting bored and going to watch Jeremy Kyle.

For the rest of the country though, it goes mad! TREACHEROUS conditions on roads. EXTREME lack of gas and electricity. GOD FORBID IF YOU LEAVE YOUR HOUSE. It's hilarious, like an army mission to keep the UK working.

Anyway, I LOVE's white and fluffy! But then again I'm biased, I'm 16 and would much rather stay in bed than go to school to be frank.

To end this blog I'd like to share a comment just made by my friend @NadiaHutchins:
"Contemporary dance annoys me, probably because i don't understand it. I mean, i get it looks good, and it's meant to be expressing yourself through dance and whatnot, but if i'm honest, it does just look like you're rolling around on the floor."
God I love her

2 Jan 2010

A Levels *bangs head on desk*

Can someone just choose them for me? Please? I'll do anything, well nearly anything. Honestly I have found nothing so stressful in my life...apart from learning French but we won't go into that. After last night's blog I figured I'd lighten up this one, so I chose to vent my stress on A Levels, good one Louise *biffs self on noggin*

I haven't even done my GCSEs yet and I have to choose my 4 subjects and hand in my sixth form application in the next month. Why is it that when someone says in December anything about January and February we're like 'Oh that's aaaaages away :)', when it's really not. As soon as January 1st BAM! 'OH CRAP' Mhmm *nods head in 'ohhh yes' kind of way*

So here's the deal with me, these are they subjects I'm looking at taking, and I need to choose 4:
English Language

I'm pretty sure English Language is a definate. Media, mmm, it WAS a definate but after much needed research I'm pulling myself away from it, even though I want to work in the Media as it looks like Unis and jobs don't give a stuff if you have it as an A Level or not. *crosses off*. Psychology sounds interesting but hard work, would love to do it though. History is good if you wanna be a journalist or write in general, so I guess I should seriously consider it, even though I didn't do it at GCSE. Biology I'm good at, find interesting and don't want 4 essay based subjects, plus it's not an 'Englishy subject' and more academic. Politics is also good for journalism and I don't understand it so would be good to know more about it I suppose. Plus politics in today's economic climate *puts on geeky glasses* looks a bit dismal to be honest so I'd have a lot to write about, ha.

That's the hoedown lowdown on my choices. I'll get there in the end. But for now, it's munch time. CIAO X

Hello 2010, nice to meet you, my name's Louise and I expect you to amaze me


So it's....oh okay it's now January 2nd...2010, I really should stop going to bed this late, but yeah I've given up on weekly blogs SO you'll have to just love my random ones :)

Amazingly amazing moments of 2009
Britain's Got Talent, my first experience of the TV experience which was to change my life.
All Star Family Fortunes, Magic Numbers and All Star Mr & Mrs which was to follow later in the year.
Michael McIntyre, Take That and Miley Cyrus, oh my effing god <3>
Becoming immensely close with Nadia Kiera Genna and Ronan, if I hadn't then my life would be a misery.
All the new babies in my family, new little additions to the family changes everything and so much love goes around.
Finding and unravelling the marvels of Twitter and all its glory, that's changed my life too.
All the people I've met and grown to love and inspire to on Twitter, @jonalmond, @gracedent, @EmmaK67 and @KarenNEdwards and the @heatworld gang in general. I have so much love for this lot, and when I think about it, I don't know why! Their tweets can make any stressed out and down person smile and laugh, and I guess that I look up to them because that's how I want to be when I'm older. I want to make people laugh, have new ideas, be creative in life, just like them.
CANADA. I forgot how much I missed and loved this country and my family.

My 16th, a new age for a new me...well new hair and no braces at least. That birthday was a special one indeed, 09/09/09 at 9mins to 9am I was born, I knew this was my year.
Getting to know a few of the people from Off The Kerb. The comedians on this agency can change my mood in an instant, in a good way of course, and I love them for how they can cheer people up and just make others laugh, they have the best job in the world; so getting to know the people that help them at what they do is pretty special for me and I hope I can help them out one day too.
But the main thing that 2009 has done for me is change my perspective on life, who I am, how I act and what I want to do with my life. I now know that I don't have to impress anyone if I don't want to, especially at school. Before school got me down so much but, since I've found my 'real friends', I can be myself! And that's the best feeling in the world. It gave me a clear mind, made me realise not to worry about what others think of me and how I look, it's like 2009 gave me a slap in the face, made me lighten up and stand up straight for once. BAM! It feels good. Knowing how you want to live your life makes you so positive and gives you so much motivation, and I know how to do it, where to do it, and have all the people I need around me to make it happen.
2009 treated me well, it definately WAS my year.

The year 2010 seems so in the future, but now it's here, I'm older and have to be a bit more serious about life. This is going to be the biggest year of my life, and using the experiences from 2009 I need to accomplish a hell of a lot of goals and get through it. GCSEs. Leaving school. Choosing subjects that will determine my future. Meeting new people. Making new friends. And using the old experiences to make new ones. It's gonna be a huge year but you know what, I'm so looking forward to it ;) Come on 2010, let's do this.