14 Dec 2009

And I thought last week was crazy...

Yes I know I said I would do one of these every weekend, get over it :)

Was the first week of mocks last week, the bad week :, got through it though ;) Art was a complete and epic fail Monday, my bear looked like a tard with a wonky eye, ah well I'll just try harder next time. All the others were okay, apart from Chemistry and Physics, let's not even go there, let's just laugh in its face, HA. Stupid subjects. Finally did my French oral and got an A! BAM! Je suis un genius. Only have 4 exams left now :) Yay *claps* French reading and writing, PE theory, Business and Maths calculator, I can live with them.

In other news: I got my Gap Year prizes! xD the NZ books are hilarious, love the Maori one, I now know how to say "Shut the fuck up" in Maori, brilliant. Ipod is gooooood, the video I found on it was better though ;D but the signed photo of Jonny Nutz was the best, framed next to my laptop and the background on my phone, oh yesssss.

In other other news: I was the ONLY person to know who @TheXFactor was!!! :D Out of thousands of people! HOW AMAZING IS THAT! I'm a genius.

In other other other news: MILEY CYRUS AND METRO STATION WERE INCREDIBLE!!!! That is all.

Au-revoir mes amis, next blog shall be before Christmas, I promise x

6 Dec 2009

What a week!

I said I'd do one of these like everyday...AHWELL :) once every so often will have to do ;) So...

Saturday 28th: Saw the Heat exhibition and All Star Mr & Mrs with Emma :) Such a good day! But was oh so bloody freezing! Queuing outside ITV Studios for 3 hours, PAINFUL. Was worth it though, I love Schofe so muchhhh, and Fern's lost so much weight she looks amazing! Entered another GMT competition, had to write a poem about The Gap Year, seriously wanted to win it!

Sunday 29th 11pm: *cough*

Monday 30th: Was crapping it about my French orals and started to feel really ill, hoped that I was getting swine flu so wouldn't have to do my French...

Tuesday 1st: Started to lose voice reallyyy bad, sore throat, earache, headache, oh I had the works that day. Was asleep by 8pm and didn't go on twitter or my laptop all day, oh yes I was that ill. Went to French teacher and croaked that I couldn't do the French so she let me have an extra week! Score

Wednesday 2nd: Mum dragged me out of bed and made me go to school : Because it was my 'last week before the mocks' Grrr ¬¬ Completely lost my voice, COMPLETELY! Never had anything like it it was shocking, hilarious, but shocking!

Saturday 5th: Felt much better :) Said I'd get lots of work done for the mocks, I didn't. I did do some Art and Textiles, but not enough, oh dear. OHEMGEE found out FlashForward isn't gonna be on again till March...MARCH!!! WTH!!! sadface. And OHEMMGEE EVEN MORE!!!! I WONT THE GMT COMPETITION! EEEEE!!!! Yes yes my poem was genius and Jonny Nutz said my name on GMT...I cannot explain how crazy I went. An iPod Nano and NZ books coming next week! I asked for a signed photo of Jonny too, dunno if I'll get one though *crosses fingers...and toes* And of course, put up the Christmas decorations today :):):):):) yayayayay

Sunday 6th: Saw Nativity with the fam :') Such a cute movie! Alan Carr's in it, what a legend <3 6="" :="" a="" actually="" all="" amp="" and="" audience="" b="" back="" br="" but="" can="" christmassy="" could="" d="" day="" did="" didn="" eeeee="" factor="" fail="" family="" feel="" final="" for="" fortunes="" get="" glad="" good="" have="" head="" him.="" him="" home="" i="" icicles="" in="" is="" mocks="" morning="" my="" nice...danyl="" not="" of="" off="" olly="" or="" other="" out="" prepare="" prezzos="" revise="" shitty="" shocked="" so="" sold="" some="" sorry="" star="" t="" tbh="" the="" then="" these="" they="" thing="" though="" thought="" till="" to="" tomorrow="" tonight="" was="" we="" went="" work="" x="" xd="">
So yeah that was my very eventful week :) Other stuff probs me being half an hour away from finishing my Textiles GCSE dress and getting an A* ;) yeah I forgot to mention that...but it's late and I cba to explain :) You might get another blog before next weekend if you're lucky.

Roll on mocks week number one...