21 Jan 2010

National Television Awards

Oh Em GEE! I would have written about them last night when I got in but frankly I was too exhausted and couldn't be bothered, so collapsed in bed clutching my autograph book instead...

*stares at blank screen, at the time in the bottom right hand corner* "LOUISE WATCHING THE TIME ISN'T GOING TO MAKE IT GO ANY FASTER!" I was doing that all day. Getting out my phone, looking at the time, putting it away...5 seconds later...getting out my phone, looking at the time, putting it away. I don't think I've ever been so excited about something in my whole life. And it seemed that the last 10 minutes of school went uber slow, like it was playing a trick on me. *second hand forcibly creeps forward...then pings back* "OHHHHHH GOT YOU THAT TIME!" It was PAINFUL. Plus Twitter decided to block itself every now and again on the school computers so I couldn't even tweet to keep my mind of things! Torture I know.

When time finally gave up I zoomed out of class Road Runner style to meet my Mum...oh and Nadia, Ronan and Sarah. I think they actually thought I was going to collapse I was getting so 'flappy' as my Mum called it. Either that or explode into a ball of dust on the car seat. The rushing was worth it though, arrived at the O2 at 4.25, record breaking time surely! Only half an hour to get there...then we saw the queue for the Red Carpet. I bloody hate queues. I spend about half my life in them to see TV shows, sad I know, DON'T JUDGE ME.

But oh my sweet holy little baby Stevie B it was SO WORTH IT! I actually turned into a psycho on that red carpet, you can now officially call me a celeb obsessive *hangs head in shame* I allow you to throw tomatoes at me. We were in a relatively good spot, just where the cars pull up and celebs get out. First up was all the Eastenders lot, Charlie Clements (Bradley) was the sweetest bless him. Made sure he saw everyone waiting for photos and autographs before going to the paps and press.

<- book="" my="" signing="" span="">

Actually the majority of the Enders lot were like that, and they didn't win Best Soap... *tuts shakes head* After an hour and half of screaming, signing, snapping and the occasional 'who the hell is that' awkward...we dragged ourselves away to grab our seats for the start of the Awards. Oh and typically the ones I most wanted to see, David Tennant and Ant & Dec, arrived just after we left...but let's not dwell on that monstrosity.

As the little old man went to scan our tickets, whilst Nadia planted her hand on his face to demonstrate how cold it was out that...pretty sure he would have believed us if we just told him but there we go, the scanner made an awful bleeping sound which lead to us three girls slowly turning to stare daggers at Ronan, ready to launch and kill at any moment if these tickets had failed, when the little old man pulled us through and told us we'd been upgraded! Which then lead to group hugging and yelping...and a lot of 'OH SHUT UP' stares from others. Our seats had been moved as our view would have been restricted in our booked seats, nice of them to change us. We were now sitting on the side next to the stage, MUCH better view than we would have done! All was well in the world. Well, in the O2 anyway.

Now seeing as I'd been asked by a magazine to find any goss in the arena (I'm a showbiz correspondent, oh yeah, don't mess bitch) I flopped out my little notepad and pen to scribble down frantic notes in a professional civilised manner...Okay so maybe I was a little bit excited that this was my first job and could be a big step for me...I'm 16 with no qualifications for goodness sake, pretty proud of myself! Yay.

As the ceremony got underway we soon lost our voices after screams in abundance for every celeb that graced our view below, whether we knew them or not, if they were famous, we screamed. Award after award was presented, as was break after break, all bloody 8 of them. We were entertained by Joe McElderry (I got his autograph, he is a munchkin)

<- joe="" span="">

and JEdward *tumbleweed floats past* HOWEVER the atmosphere took a swift change as suddenly people around us starting mumbling 'blablabla Katie Price...blablabla look behind...blabla is that really her?' Oh and heads turned as everyone started to realise that sitting right behind us was none other than the entrepreneur *cough* herself Katie Price!
With that awful woman she calls a best friend Michelle Heaton *growls* I do NOT like that woman, she's so up herself and gives everyone 'Oh haha I'm a celeb I'm rich your poor ner ner ner' looks, OH GO AWAY YOU...EKRUHFMNHUG! *sharp nod* But anyway, it broke up the evening as everyone tried to snap Katie in her admittedly stunning dress, while someone chipped in going 'Boooooo TEAM ANDRE!' To which she just sarcastically replied 'Oh so predictable!' A woman of many comebacks is Katie. *adds to notepad* Ronan quipped a joke in going 'Katie, Dane still loves you!' response but made us chuckle. The actual awards were brilliant, we were just in awe of all these celebs which we usually see on the TV, just sitting there in front of us, chatting away...they're normal people! Who'd have thought it?! Most awards were so deserved and the atmosphere in the Arena was so electric and supportive. Brilliant! No other way I can describe it really.

After we'd finished NOMMING (YES it's a word use it) over David Tennant, oofft, we started to wind down as the show came to an end. It was 10pm, we hadn't eaten in 8 hours and WEREN'T CHOSEN TO PRESENT THE AWARD *strops* We were sitting so close to that Carly as well. 'How much do you want this?' 'Oh a lot...' Yeah I'm pretty sure there were a lot more people that wanted it more than you did...ANYWAY after we left the O2 the wrong train. Oops. Ended up at West Ham on a platform that had no trains arriving...eerie. So we soon left there and finally found MACDONALDS. Nom, never been in need of salty greasy fries and nuggets so much.

Got home at 12.30 and after a quick summary to the rents of the night, a flick through autograph book, scan through photos and a quick fire email, I feel asleep...

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