17 Jan 2010

Ricky the Asian Asian Asian

As much as I go on about hating Science, my Biology lessons are filled with top notch hilariousnosity. For example *ahem*, my teacher was talking about the brain and whatnot on Friday, and me and Nadia were scribbling away in our books...with little pictures, when we heard 'I accidently did it with my dog once.' From then on that lesson turned into a 'How many sexual innuendos can we find' lesson, rather than a Biology one. Took me at least half an hour to calm down.

I must explain this blog title, which is to do with Biology too, naturally. Like I said we're learning about the brain and had to do a big mind map based on what my teacher was talking about, so me and Ronan just wrote 'Brain' in the middle and wrote notes round the outside, adding a small picture here and there. But Nadia, being the deranged wierd-minded child that she is, decided to base everything on Pinky and Brain...I know, I thought that too. So in Business I decided to text her (I do do work in my lessons, honest) saying Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain, but it was on predictive text, and came out with Ricky and the Asian Asian Asian, so I left it at that, and it shall be known as that from hence forth.

So all in all, Friday was a funny day, and this weeekend hasn't been bad either, if you don't include the 6 big pieces of school work I had to do...tell me about it, was thinking the same, we're doing this a lot, must be psychic. SO. Yesterday Mum made me get up at 7.30am, I laughed when she said that to me Friday night, then realised she wasn't joking. It was definately worth it though. Got my whole NTA outfit. IT'S NOM as you can see from the photo.

Plus other bits including Eddie Izzard's DVD - I have love for him right now. Oh and I finally got a 2010 diary! Yes I realise I was 15 days late but better late than never. Today was alright, Mum went to Harrods for the day, leaving me with my football mad Dad and brother who took the advantage of Mum not being here and invited all their mates round to watch the Villa. So I turned into a hermit and locked myself in my room for the day, turned up my Glee album to drown out the 'GO ON MY SON!'s and 'GETTT IIINNNNNNNNNNN!!!'s. Or 'REF YOU NUMNUT!' <- a="" alone="" and="" did="" father="" go="" got="" homework.="" however="" into="" kitchen="" let="" lovely.="" my="" never="" on="" prezzos="" quoi="" sexy.="" span="" to="" was="" we="" which="" with="">

Just look at that dessert.

Right now I'm watching Dancing On Ice, boys turn tonight and Danny was AMAZING! I could hear the Saunders' a mile off in the audience too ha. Must retire for the night now, need to get organised and keep myself calm before the big night Wednesday. EEEEEEEEEEEEE *excited face*. I'd be ever so grateful if you could circulate these blogs somehow, I'm interesting, promise *sweet face*. I love you all. X

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