20 Mar 2011

List of stuff I want to happen but probably won't but I like to think will

Right now I'm meant to be finishing some of my English coursework but this isn't happening for two reasons. 1) I don't know what to write, and 2) Mum's put My Fair Bloody Lady on and I can't hear myself think when I've got them making stupid noises trying to make this woman talk proper. So I've given up, for now, and am thinking of all the stuff I want to miraculously happen to me. I can almost guarantee that none of them will come true, but saying that this time last year I wouldn't in a million years have thought I'd be interviewed on Channel 4 news after winning a national competition so I always have a smidge of hope that ANYTHING can happen now. So, ahem...

1) Be in a Doctor Who episode. This will always be number one on my LOSIWTHBPWBILTTW and seeing as I'm going to Cardiff in 16 days THIS IS A POSSIBILITY. Imagine it. Me walking in the background behind Matt Smith, just casually, as DALEKS APPEAR. Then a cyberman will DUN DUN DUN (that's their feet) behind me and I'll whip out some ninja moves. Actually no. I'll start screaming then hurt my leg so Matt Smith has to save me. Yes.

2) Be invited to either (OR BOTH) the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II premiere or the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 premiere. Like actually go in and watch the movie with the stars, not just go on the red carpet (although I wouldn't say no). And if there's an afterparty, go to that too. Pleasethankyou.

3) Get a book deal then for them to be so successful they're made into movies.

4) Meet Miranda Hart. I don't care how long for and in what circumstance. I just want to meet her, say hello, get a photo with her, and tell her she's amazing...............then be in an episode of Miranda. Again, just casual.

5) Carry out a massive charity event and raise massive amounts of money. I want to do this so bad after watching Comic Relief, going to the kazoo attempt and seeing all the twitrelief and desert trek efforts. I will do it, and it'll be huge. I'll get celebs involved, do something crazy, something mad, go to Africa and help. Anything. I'll organise it all and make sure everybody knows about it.

6) For Caitlin Moran to follow me on twitter. This is a big deal. Happiness would pour from all orifices.

7) Be front row at a concert or comedy gig. Preferably Adele. Or Take That, Mika, Katy Perry, Michael Buble. Or Lee Evans, Michael McIntyre, Alan Carr, Sarah Millican, Eddie Izzard.

8) Be invited to a big posh party in London, preferably littered with celebs. And food.

9) Write an article for The Guardian or The Times. Then for the Guardian or Times people to be SO impressed by it they just give me a weekly column.

So yeah if anyone can sort any of the above out that'd be ace and most appreciated. Ta muchly. X

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