13 Mar 2011

This is my online diary

Do you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to write a blog today AND WRITE ANOTHER ONE TOMORROW. I don't know where this one will end up. It doesn't have a point to it. Which is good, because that's what my blogs used to be about. I blogged my life, about random shit that happened and didn't plan them. Now I always feel like I have to plan them and they have to be on some big issue. Basically I'm trying too hard and want to please people all the time and give them what they want. Or what I think they want anyway. So I haven't been blogging as much and don't enjoy it because I'm trying to live up to something. I know that's bad, if people read my blogs at the start then they were clearly fine and why should I change? Okay so the odd big issue "from a 17 year old(and a half)'s perspective" is fine, if I care about it. But that doesn't mean to say I should stop rambling on about my life like I used to. This is my online diary.

Right now, 12:20, Sunday 13 March 2011..
I'm still in my pyjamas and my hair resembles a lion's mane. A lion's mane which has been pulled through a bush backwards. My brother is in his room playing some game probably about killing people or stick men, but insisting he'll do his History homework later. He is also still in his pyjamas. My dad is at my nan and grandad's house helping my grandad build a new greenhouse. He's probably not in his pyjamas. My mum is downstairs in with her friend gossiping about stuff. She's definitely not in her pyjamas. She's wearing her signature Obsession perfume which you could probably smell from Latvia she puts so much on.
Not quite sure why I chose Latvia.
But her having friends round means I'm not allowed out of my room. There is no food in my room. I hope she realises this. Someone said I should dress up in the most odd combination of clothes and go around the house mumbling to myself for lols. Mum made the situation worse by saying we're having spag bol when her friend leaves, and my stomach heard this. Now I sound like a lion as well as resemble one. What I should be doing is coursework. I should be writing another magazine article about our film. We finished filming it on Friday but I'm surprised we didn't get chucked out the school with Georgia, our main actor, screaming "NOOO CHARLLIIIEEEEE! NOOOOOOOO!" and having a massive sobby breakdown dressed in a hospital gown collapsing on the stairs. It was funtimes.
Ooh look it's 12:36.
Let's be honest, I won't get a lot done today. I'll paint my nails and make plans for the Big Red Nose Show tomorrow. I'm surprised I'm not jumping off the walls about this, it's basically the whole of twitter in the Royal Albert Hall playing kazoos. I MAY GO MENTAL. Anyone who tries to get in my way as I race to the front will get a punch in the face.
Anything else? I'm quite cold. I'm still hungry. I've been playing this all morning...

We're back on form, diary. X

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