22 Nov 2009


Blog #2 ;)

So I said I would explain my stress in another blog...this is that blog.
Things I'm stressed about; 1) Art GCSE mock, I have no idea what I'm gonna do : 2) French GCSE mock orals, need I say more 3) Science GCSE mock, I fail at science, I don't understand anything, apart from Biology, I can do that. Basically my GCSE mocks are stressing me out, god knows what I'm gonna be like in the real ones :

Stress out over :) Today me and Mum went shopping, like, major shopping : Usually I love shopping, but after 5 bloody hours of it I just wanted to go home! My feet ache, my toes were bleeding, YES BLEEDING! I had those dents in your fingers and hands from where the bags dig into you, I was sooo tired, and I had never seen Lakeside so busy, which didn't help. Got a lot of stuff though :) Christmas presents mainly, so yeah it was a successful day xD

*goes to have dinner...and have a wee*

Oh crap, I have Physics homework due in tomorrow which I haven't done : WTH. That's another thing that annoys me, little bits of shitty homework that teachers set you that are really pointless and don't need to be done when you've got exams to revise for and coursework that needs doing : so any teachers ready this, BACK OFF WITH THE POINTLESS HOMEWORK!

Okay it's half 7 and I still haven't done the Physics, Art, English or learnt any French, I'm official screwed *sobs* Got a good mind to be 'ill' tomorrow just so I can get some stuff done...*contemplates* Okay and my English is due in Tuesday : 2 days before I thought it was due in for.

Done the Physics, BAM! Just in time for X Factor ;) Opinion #1 - what the hell was that group performance, shocking miming! None of them sang live! Not impressed at all X Factor people, not impressed *shakes head* Opinion #2 - SuBo needs to look to the audience when she sings...and sing different songs for once Opinion #3 - Mariah's was pre-recorded : I'm not bothered about that, I'm bothered that X Factor don't tell us, hence why everyone gets angry about it. Opinion #4 - I'm starting to sound like my Dad with all my moaninh : Oh dear. Results time...YES STACEY!...YES JOE!...UNDECIDED ABOUT DANYL BUT YES ANYWAY!...NONONO LLOYD!!! JEDWARD AND OLLY IN BOTTOM TWO! NONONONO! oh good god if it goes to deadlock I will go to X Factor HQ and BASH THEM! I love Olly :( JEdward have to go...JEDWARD ARE NO MORE! X Factor's JUST turned into a singing competition :)

Well that's X Factor done for another weekend :) Next time it's on, it'll be my French oral mocks a few days later...*sobs* ohgodohgodohgod, best not think about that I'm A Celeb time :) I think this blog's long enough for today

Ta-raa :)

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