14 Dec 2009

And I thought last week was crazy...

Yes I know I said I would do one of these every weekend, get over it :)

Was the first week of mocks last week, the bad week :, got through it though ;) Art was a complete and epic fail Monday, my bear looked like a tard with a wonky eye, ah well I'll just try harder next time. All the others were okay, apart from Chemistry and Physics, let's not even go there, let's just laugh in its face, HA. Stupid subjects. Finally did my French oral and got an A! BAM! Je suis un genius. Only have 4 exams left now :) Yay *claps* French reading and writing, PE theory, Business and Maths calculator, I can live with them.

In other news: I got my Gap Year prizes! xD the NZ books are hilarious, love the Maori one, I now know how to say "Shut the fuck up" in Maori, brilliant. Ipod is gooooood, the video I found on it was better though ;D but the signed photo of Jonny Nutz was the best, framed next to my laptop and the background on my phone, oh yesssss.

In other other news: I was the ONLY person to know who @TheXFactor was!!! :D Out of thousands of people! HOW AMAZING IS THAT! I'm a genius.

In other other other news: MILEY CYRUS AND METRO STATION WERE INCREDIBLE!!!! That is all.

Au-revoir mes amis, next blog shall be before Christmas, I promise x

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