23 Feb 2011


I went to Sainsbury's today and was reunited with the trolley. The trolley, my friends, is an object which can draw many emotions from a person depending on said person. If said person is a small child then the trolley is a fearful prison which should be avoided at all costs. If this involves screaming and running away then SO BE IT. Once you are in the trolley then is no escaping. Unlike the pushchair (who the eff calls it a pram?) where you can drag your feet in protest, you are high up in the trolley therefore your only means of escape is to thrash around until the trolley falls (unlikely) or to knock everything off the shelves until your mum gets fed up (possible) or to hope that as you're travelling backwards you might feel sick and vom all over your mum (also unlikely, unless your mum is Usain Bolt)
However, as you get older (past the 'urrrgghhh muuuuum this is so boorrriiinnggg' stage between age 6-12) you realise that the trolley is an object full of possibilities, of potential, a ticket to your childhood, if you will. At first you can control the trolley completely. You can go fast down aisles within seconds, stop by merely placing your toe on the ground, play the game of "how much of my weight can I bear on this trolley before it flips and I break my face", turn corners like a ninja and basically prat about annoying the olds. Turning the trolley away when your mum's trying to put something in it is a particular favourite of mine.
But the challenges come when the trolley gets heavier with food. Now you have to put more oomph into gathering speed and fear of death appears as a haze as you really have to drag your feet to stop before you crash into the shelves or old people. By this time a dent has formed in your stomach. NO PAIN NO GAIN. Not quite sure what the gain is...

I love emails from real people. Especially when they're from people asking if you want to work at HarperCollins.




Excuse me while I scream. *scream* HarperCollins is a huge publishing company. Books. BBBOOOOOOKKKSSSS. And they want me to work with everything Young Adult. YYOOUUUNNGG AADDDUUULLTTTT. Reading manuscripts, looking at covers, blurbs...BBBOOOOOOKKKKSSSSS. They're sending me a pile of them as we speak (read, type?) I'm hoping it'll happen in May, but depends on exams. Boo. (ks. lols)
The weird part about this is that I've been thinking about book publishing stuff this week. Jess Ruston can vouch for that. And BAM I got this email. 

Now I'm rethinking my whole life. Uh oh...


  1. I am always worried that someone will steal my trolley so when my dad leaves it for even the shortest time, I pick it up and wheel it back to him :P

    Working for HarperCollins sounds amazing!

  2. Harper Collins. Wow. Opportunity of a lifetime - I'm so jealous! Congrats!