1 Apr 2011



January, February and March were bitches. They hung around like a frickin' keen fly and wouldn't leave. January was full of exams, real ones and mock ones. This made me constantly snappy and aggy and other crocodile type feelings. Scaly, possibly. February was just full of meh with Auschwitz and the start of coursework. Cry. Although Sarah Millican was rather ace. March was FAT and it felt like it was rolling all over me being an uncomfortable large thing, dragging its days and throwing shit at me. Big Red Nose Show and MORE COURSEWORK. Arsehole.

MAIS, Avril est ici et J'AIME AVRIL. Coursework is FINISHED! Here's our AS Media Studies horror trailer which I am VERY proud of...

My auntie arrived from Canada this morning and she's staying here for a week. This got me thinking. She moved to Canada in her early twenties and it's so lush out there. I want to go too. Ever since I was little my dad has always said "You can move out when you're 18. Move to Canada." Lolz. Yes okay. But now I'm seriously thinking about it. I don't like the thought of uni! I don't particularly like any or any course. I don't know what I want to do anymore and I don't think I'd be very good at uni. I'm not very uniish. So I want to move to Canada. I want to write my book in Canada after sixth form. Cool? Sweet. Sorted.

I'm going to Cardiff next week though to their uni open day. It does look really good there but I'm not keen on the courses. To be honest, I've always wanted to go to Wales so I'm treating it as a holiday even if mum isn't. I'm taking her for a meal with twitter Welshies which she's surprisingly happy with. RESULT.

THEN IT'S THE EASTER HOLIDAYS! Over 2 weeks of nothing and chocolate. Cor. Then three days back at school until the Royal Wedding, which I AM GOING TO. My family (mum's side) is very Royally and I seem to have acquired that gene, so me, mum and 3 friends are going up the night before to sleep ON THE MALL outside Buckingham Palace. Srsly. This is happening.

THEN IT'S MAY! ...and study leave and more exams and I'll probably have more EUFNWJCYUHYB WHAT IS MY LIFE TUHNGCHYMJYG moments but we'll see how we go. X

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