21 Oct 2015

Craft & Crumbs #Crafternoon

The thought of organising a fundraising event simultaneously thrills me and terrifies me. I love planning. I’m the person who creates a Facebook event for her birthday six months in advance. I have post-its in every shade and I have to have a relevant emoji after every event in my iPhone calendar. 

But paired with stellar organisation skills is a deep, overwhelming anxiety that I’m not doing enough, I’m doing everything wrong, I’m missing something, I have no idea what I’m doing, no one will care, no one will turn up, and/or whatever I’m organising is going to fall flat on its arse, much like all the parties I’ve ever planned on Sims 2. 

It seems fitting that the charity fundraising event I’m organising with my friend Ashley is for Mind, who campaign for better mental health.

We’re holding what is known as a Christmas Crafternoon. God loves a pun. On Saturday 5th December, our family and friends are bombarding my parents’ house (sorry mum, sorry dad) for an afternoon of crafts, games, and throwing money at homemade bakes and gorgeous homemade winter-scented candles we'll be selling.

The online ‘Virtual Crafternoon’ is Sunday 6th December. It’s a wonderful idea, and so beautifully 2015. If you can’t attend a Crafternoon in person, craft your heart away on this Sunday and tweet about it using the hashtag #Crafternoon (and tagging @MindCharity) in the process. It could get the idea trending, conversations flowing, friendships blossoming, and money thrown into the pot. I’d say post on Facebook about it too, but hashtags on there still make me uncomfortable. It’s weird. Don’t do it. You don’t even go here, Facebook.

Raising money for this will be tough. 

1) It’s not to battle a physical illness (mental illness can most definitely manifest as a physical one and I will defend that until the end of time). In my experience, raising money for mental health causes isn’t as 'popular'. 
2) We’re not running, or doing anything stupid. We’re just… making crafts, eating cakes, selling candles, hopefully holding a raffle/auction, and merely asking people to donate for the sake of the cause. Raising money is arguably easier when you’re throwing yourself into a physical activity and/or testing yourself. So, sorry lads, there’s going to be a lot of tweeting, Facebook statuses, and Instagram tagging. I’ll print off the donation link and shove it down your throats if I have to.

The raffle/auction is still something we need to organise thoroughly and think about logistically (I know, how boring). In the meantime, if you’re an artist, author, creator, etc and think you may be able to donate something (some artwork, a signed book, y’know), then PLEASE DO let me know! Tweet me at @louisejonesetc, or email

I’m so excited for this. We’re itching to raise a good lot of money for Mind, and it’s just going to be a lovely day of Christmas music, food, friends, family, crafts, and laughs. And I can’t wait to see what other Crafternooners get up to, too.

If you would like to donate, here’s the link! Our target at the moment is £200, but smashing that would be a dream:

THANK YOU, YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. INCLUDING YOU. AND YOU AT THE BACK. Have you done something new with your hair? You look lovely.

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