1 Jun 2017

Prague, Czech Republic (September 2016)

This time it was MY turn to choose a weekend destination. 

It didn’t take too long to choose Prague having seen my Twitter, Facebook, and Insta feeds full of photos over the last six months. It was clearly a popular place to go, in both the summer and winter months. It looked beautiful and, pals, there's a BRIDGE and if you follow me on Insta then you’ll be well aware of my adoration for a good bridge.

We flew EasyJet again, but this time from Stansted (cheers for the lifts, Dad) and the flight was super quick - barely an hour and a half. I’d done my research and figured the Prague Airport Express would be the best transport to the Old Town. It was 60kc (£1.98!) and drives straight to the main train station. It took about 30 minutes.

Old Town Square

Neither of us having data to use Google maps then became an issue. I hadn't figured out the way to our hotel from the station - I wasn't THAT prepped, and so began the bickering, storming off, and walking in circles trying to find just a hint of the way to go. What’s a good holiday without a few arguments and getting lost though, right? *looks to camera*

Astronomical Clock Tower

We’d booked to stay in MOODs Boutique, which is, to be fair, in a little side street so we can be forgiven for taking a while to spot it. MOODs Boutique was recommended by friends and for good reason. The staff were lovely, the place was clean, the breakfast was well-stocked and fresh, and it was located just outside the Old Town so was quiet whilst still near enough for only a short walk in. 

MOODs Boutique is, as the name suggests, boutique and contemporary in its design with dark interiors contrasted with bright coloured lights and furniture. You could change the colour of lights in your room, it was great. 

I’m also easily pleased.

The hotel is even more striking when thinking of its placement within Prague’s Old Town. You could walk for hours around the cobbled streets, lanes and squares, ducking into the little shops now and again. Prague is small but busy, and perfect for tourists. There are countless tours, restaurants, museums and sights, including Charles Bridge.

Boy, what a bridge. My favourite bridge. Charles Bridge is famed for its grand nature and pedestrianisation, allowing it to be full of entertainers and artists on both sides. We had a caricature done on our last day which was… something special.

In the main square of the Old Town there are a lot of young people on segways persuading you to take one of their tours. Tacky? Annoying? Too expensive? Waste of money? Dangeous? Probably... but we did one anyway. I knew before we arrived that I wanted to do a segway tour so we bloody did a segway tour. The two of us were sped around the whole city privately for a good hour or so. The guy was so sweet, gave us a proper education on Prague, and knew of the best photos spots for us. I thoroughly enjoyed it so NER.

John Lennon Wall

We tended to just choose any old restaurant in the main square for dinner (don’t get me wrong, they were all lovely, but just… all samey… y’know, classic easy tourist restaurants) - giving us a view of the Astronomical Clock which gives you a (mildly creepy) show every hour - but on the evening of my birthday we crossed the bridge and headed to Hergetova Cihelna. This restaurant was recommended by another friend and it was DIVINE. The restaurant sits on the riverside and, if you’re lucky, you get a beautiful view of Charles Bridge at night. It's slightly more expensive compared to the cheapness of the rest of Prague, but it’s just comparable to a full three courses in Prezzo plus wine. 

It was one of the best meals we have ever had, reader. Utterly incredible. GO. 

Hergetova Cihelna

We caught the tram one day (you can get cheap day tickets from the hotel) up to Prague Castle (Pražský hrad). The actual castle was disappointing, to be honest. The grounds were nice enough to walk around, but what’s on offer to see INSIDE the castle buildings was very limited and bland. Maybe that’s just me. But, as the castle is up on the hill looking down at the Old Town, the views were wonderful. Terracotta roofs for miles. We went for a walk to the monastery after exhausting the castle, which you couldn’t actually enter so we went to the brewery opposite instead, because why not. Then we walked a bit further and found the funicular railway back down to the Old Town, giving you a view of the river on the way down the hill. 

We were caught in a heatwave in Prague so spent a lot of our time cooling on the river. We took a little boat tour up and down the river one afternoon, and hired pedalos on another. Both were much needed after traipsing around the Old Town in the heat. 

Despite being small, Prague doesn’t feel overpacked. There are so many lanes and areas to explore - the Jewish Quarter is a must - and you’re bound to find niche bars and shops perfect for you. We found an outside bar over the river, on the river, that felt just like the movies. Fairy lights, deckchairs, cocktails, AND DOGS. Absolute best.

I’d happily go to Prague again, perhaps around Christmas to experience the markets and Prague as a different kind of beauty. There’s so much to do that we missed, too. We didn’t go in and up the Astronomical Tower, nor to any of the museums - including the sex museum, torture museum, and chocolate museum. Not quite sure which order I’d do them in…

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