31 Mar 2018

The March Edition

This year's obligatory Mother's Day photo for social media

March has always been a pretty non-eventful month for me. November, too. March and November are usually *shrugs*. Was this March non-eventful? Haha. Hahaha. Ha. 

Aside from the fall, which I’ve already blogged about so won’t bore you with more details, a lot of other stuff happened. Good and bad. The bad is that an old family friend died, my auntie had a brain tumour removed (bad that she had it, good that she could have it removed), and both Ryan and I were in hospital/the doctors’, a few times a week. 

The good is that my little cousin had her baby. 

We came full circle.

What I did

Fall over. 

I was out of action with running for three weeks, before jealousy at the Bedford 20 got the better of me and I tested my knee out for a mile when we got home. The antibiotics did incredible things and I'm almost back to working order now, but my fitness has expectedly taken a massive dip. It’ll take a while to build back up, but I’m just glad I can run again.

Today, I ended up running a half marathon. When the Brentwood Half, that was I meant to have pulled out of, was cancelled due to snow, it was a selfish blessing. The organisers gave us three weeks to run a virtual half to claim our medals. And I wanted my fucking medal. So I went out with Ryan and ran 13.1 miles. It was hard and I was sore, but I did it and still managed to get a 14 minute PB. What a legend. 

Greenwich Park

I’ve started volunteering at The Mix, my old workplace, as a comment moderator. They couldn’t get rid of me that easily. There’s a satisfying feeling when I’m replying to young people’s comments on articles that I wrote over my two and a bit years at the charity. It’s nice now to be able to support The Mix and engage directly with their audience. 

I also volunteered twice at parkrun - timekeeping and marshalling! Such a do-gooder.

Southwark parkrun

I had another cold and the amount of snot I produced this time was outstanding. 

I went on my first away day with Anthony Nolan. Before I began working there, I was asked to fill in a personality questionnaire. A bit like Myers-Briggs. I then had a 1:1 when I started with a guy from the company who produced the questionnaire, and he saw into my soul. Then our team had an away day with the same guy to find out how best we individually work, and how we can work together better as a result. It was really cool and super interesting. Our individuality is respected and so I feel valued as a colleague and part of the charity.  Also, I just like psychology stuff. If I could go back in time and redo university, I’d do a form of psychology. 

What I thought

I’M BORED. Not running killed me mentally and I realise just how much I rely on running for my wellbeing. I need to be better at being injured or out of action for whatever reason. I need to be ok on my own and appreciate my own company and limits. 

Also, I need sun. I’m so bored of this weather. Blah blah blah, moan moan moan. Warmth and sun is good for the soul. And skin.


Where I went 

It was one of our friend’s 30th birthday this month so we took him out to Brasserie Zédel, a super fancy but affordable French restaurant in Piccadilly. I highly recommend. The service is fantastic, you get free homemade bread and butter, and the menu is exquisite.

Brasserie Zédel

Ryan had two races this month: The River Thames Spring Half in Walton-on-Thames and the Bedford 20 in… Bedford. I’d been to neither of these places and we all know I love going to new places, so that was nice. I had to get up at, like, 5am for both races but tHAT’S FINE NO WORRIES.

Even though I knew I was pulling out of the Brentwood Half, we still went to Essex to visit my family. Mum and I went to the cinema, I saw my nan and grandad, and I watched Mum and Dad do Billericay parkrun in the snow. Beauties. 

Mum bossin' it
Dad bossin' it

What I read

I’m three quarters of the way through Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy. It’s really, really good. I’m still trying to get into a routine of reading on my long commutes, but I’m getting there and this book is helping. 

I haven’t really read anything else. I need to try harder.

What I watched

I might not have read a lot, but I sure did watch a lot.

In my overachieving fashion, I saw three films in the cinema this month instead of my promised one. 

Ryan and I saw The Shape of Water and Black Panther, and I saw Lady Bird with my mum. The Shape of Water is brilliant and reminded me of Amélie, but with more fish shagging. You definitely need an open mind. 

Black Panther was just fucking fantastic. It’s such an important film with some incredible strong characters, especially the women. Mostly the women. Everyone clapped at the end which usually I gouge my eyes out at, but y’know what, fair play this time. Well deserved. 

Lady Bird was great, but only on reflection. It’s very subtle and you could write a great media/film essay on it.

After we saw The Shape of Water, I made Ryan watch Amélie. It’s a beautiful film and you should watch it if you haven’t. 

We also watched Baby Driver, Wonder Woman, and Hampstead. All great. All hail using Ryan’s dad's Sky account on our PS4.

I finished Friends and I am bereft. It had its faults but it was precious and I miss those problematic faves. 

We watched Queer Eye like everyone else and found it wholesome like everyone else.

What I was thankful for

I’m thankful for my cousin having her baby safely during an unexpected and quick home birth. She’s a trooper and I’m thankful to have strong, supportive women in my family. I cannot wait to meet the little guy next weekend!

Cousin bossin' it

I talk to my mum about friendship a lot. Navigating friendships is always something I’ve struggled with, but I’m almost there with realising what makes a good, healthy friendship, what a good friend means, how I can be a good friend, what I want from a good friend, and, most importantly, what I deserve. I’ve realised that my main role model for being a good friend is my mum. She’s such a beautiful friend to have and so I’m thankful that she’s influenced that in me. 

I’m thankful for my body fixing itself, albeit slowly. Bodies are clever and drugs are great. I’m never taking my knee for granted again.

Grace bossin' it

I’m thankful for my incredible friend Grace. She shaved her head this month for a charity close to heart: The Brain Tumour CharityIn doing so, she’s now showing off her fantastic scar that spans her head from where she had two operations to remove her brain tumour, and the ‘head dimple’ that’s changed the shape of her head. That’s brave. Hair can cover up both of those things, but she’s sacked that off to raise heaps of money. She’s an inspiration.

So, thanks March. You surprised me, both with the good and the bad. But I’m ready for April now. First up: Amsterdam…

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