30 Sept 2018

The September Edition

I’ve been wearing jeans for a week and I’ve already split a pair. Happy Autumn.

What I did 

Turned 25.

Spent a lot of money, apparently *looks at bank statement from a distance*. This month was the month that all the bands released gig dates, and all the West End shows announced pre-sale tickets, and the comedians I actually like organised their tours, and I celebrated my pal Grace’s final surgery (for a long while at least) by booking a long weekend in Basel, Switzerland, and Ryan got a hard-worked-for promotion at work so I had to be a good girlfriend and buy us Dominos, and my GOD why do all the September birthdays always surprise me. Help.

I bloody S M A S H E D my Cardiff Half training. Not only did I get further in this Half training than I did for Brentwood (too soon), but I felt amazingly strong during and after the Regent’s Park 10k, and bloody bossed an 11.6mi run as my final long run. I’m so excited for Cardiff but I REALLY hope I don’t get too cocky and positive…

I dragged my mum up on the dance floor to do the Macarena at a family friend's engagement party.

Ryan was finally introduced to Bird in Camden, the home of the blessed katsu curry chicken burger.

What I thought

Ok no I absolutely still care about people flaking out of my birthday. I was chill for the first couple of people dropping out, but then suddenly only, like, four of my friends turned up and I threw a strop like a proper freshly-born 25 year old.  There were more of Ryan’s friends there than mine. Yes I’m bitter and petty about it, but I still had a bloody good night and had nearly 200 photos in my WhatsApp the morning after, with me laughing in 99% of them.

Just LOOK at my birthday cake(s) made by Ash, my GOD

I’m so proud of my little brother. He’ll kill me for saying it, but he suddenly seems so much more confident, and talkative, and ambitious, and kind, and it’s just LOVELY. He comes to parkrun now. He’s downloaded Strava! He COMES DOWNSTAIRS ON A REGULAR BASIS TO HANG OUT.

I’m too busy and burning out and need to start saying ‘no’ again. I’ve had a week-long headache. 

I got a card and presents (yes they're periods pants and a boob phone case) and cake and gin for my birthday at work from my team and pals, and it was just really nice to be thought and cared about. I’ve never been used to that. 

Where I went

BARCELONA. More of that in another post but spoiler: bloody loved it.

Our last parkrun saw us at Foots Cray Meadows, and we ended up bumping into two people from Portsmouth who we met at Catford. We then found out that one of them lives opposite a family friend of Ryan. SMALL WORLD.

I finally actually had lunch at Borough Market. I am a Londoner now.

Ash about to live her best bread life at Borough Market

We were in Essex a lot. Again. But this time we saw baby Leo, who came over (with his mum, etc, obv) to meet the extended family… read: the old people who would never have met him otherwise. It was adorable. He is adorable. I love him. Have I mentioned?

What I read

I CAN’T STOP READING. I read The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce, which I ADORED. Close tie between that and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine as my fave book of the year.

I caught up with the world and read One Day by David Nicholls. Brilliant. Yes I watched the film afterwards. Sorry.

I read Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher. It was lovely and cute and easy to read, but a bit too twee and cheesy and predictable for me. 

What I watched

Alex Strangelove (amazing) and Sierra Burgess is a Loser (not amazing) on Netflix. They love their teen movies at the moment, don’t they…

Bodyguard (amazing for first three episodes…) and Killing Eve (amazing for ALL EPISODES) on the BBC.

Final Space, an animated comedy on Netflix set in space, created by a YouTuber. I’m still thinking about it. It’s so good. I know it sounds… questionable. But seriously. I’m slightly obsessed.

We just about squeezed in a trip to the cinema on the last day of September to see The Miseducation of Cameron Post. It was good. It was very… indie? Sundance Festival-y? I don’t know. It was really good, and quite harrowing, but also funny, but then it suddenly ended when I wanted a lot more.

I took Charlotte From Work (CFW) to see Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. I loved it. We were sat in the second row of the Stalls, which aren’t really the best seats, but it has a fit cast so that was nice close up. 

What I was thankful for

My brother for being confident and strong and coming out of his shell.

Work, again, for being kind and supportive in various ways.

Life for being settled, still. I’m very happy.

Ryan, being a little nerdy nerd and getting his promotion. What a legend.

My recent ability to realise when I’m on my way to burning out and pulling back a bit… still working on the ‘pulling back a bit’.

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