31 Oct 2018

The October Edition

September 30th: I’m thankful for my recent ability to realise when I’m on my way to burning out and pulling back a bit… still working on the ‘pulling back a bit’.

Hahahaha. Haha. Ha.

I fitted about four months into one in October. Why am I like this.

What I did 


Spent a lot of time stressed. My (wonderful, supportive, brilliant [hi Anya]) line manager was on holiday for two and a half weeks this month so I was in charge of copywriting. Nothing went wrong, nothing/no one was terrible, I managed it all, but my GOD it was tough. Responsibility is exhausting.

Also I had two panic attacks and got sent home but that’s besides the point.

I ran a half marathon in 2:06. No big deal. The Cardiff Half Marathon was my race. I absolutely loved it and put all my training to the test. And it worked. I stormed it. Everything went well. I was so happy. Have I mentioned I was happy? Because I was BEAMING.

I had my first ever sports massage on my butt a few days before Cardiff, and it worked a treat and I had the classic bruises to prove it.

I helped organise our work’s Wellbeing Week. It included going to Kentish Town City Farm so it was obviously one of the best weeks ever. 

I ran my first workshop at work, all about social media and tone of voice. I was terrified but it went really well and I really enjoyed it, and I really want to work on my confidence and skills running workshops and doing presentations now. Personal and professional development is pretty cool, who knew. 

I surprised one of my best pals, Amy, with another one of my best pals and my mum. Long story short, we drunkenly planned a holiday to Santorini together.

I met the cult leader of parkrun and got very emotional. Separate fangirl post incoming. 

What I thought

I think I struggle with sensory overload. I know I get overwhelmed easily, but when I started crying because people were having a lovely time laughing in the office at the same time as the phones ringing and two emails arriving in my Inbox and my phone telling me it was HQ time, I think the penny dropped that sensory overload is very much in my life. 

Fucking annoyed I couldn't hold out until November to wear my coat.

Sometimes I feel incredibly stressed and overwhelmed but when I write everything down, everything is actually quite small. 

Tzatziki is the best dip.

Where I went

We visited our pals’, Jacob and Angus’, flat for dinner and played Mario Kart. I hadn’t played any kind of video game in years and the nostalgia hit me so beautifully. 

I went to leaving drinks for two of the best women I met at The Mix, my last job. It’s so wonderful watching strong women in my life going on to bigger and better things.

We did Hampstead Heath parkrun with a lil group of people from work. Anthony Nolan HQ is right by Hampstead Heath, and there are so many runners at work, so it was a cute Saturday morning. We went to Ginger & White afterwards for a wanky hipster breakfast, and I had the best bacon sandwich of my life.

I finally did a parkrun sandwich (run to parkrun, do parkrun, run back from parkrun) courtesy of Catford parkrun down the road from us.

Ash and I went to Emilia’s Crafted Pasta for free pasta on World Pasta Day… FREE PASTA. YES I SAID FREE PASTA. ALL THEIR PASTA WAS FREE. It was a very emotional experience.

I went to my first social event with Petts Wood Runners! On my own, without Ryan who was at his play rehearsal. Seems like a small thing, but I’m not good at doing things on my own. So I messaged a couple of people from the group (shoutout to Nicky and Spencer) and they vowed to look after me. Which they did. I was sandwiched between them at the Italian where we had pizza and wine, and it was a lovely night. Well done me, well done them.

What I read

Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig. I didn’t like it. 

This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay. I bloody LOVED it.

I’m still reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I’d never read it before so I’m seeing what all the fuss is about.

What I watched

I went to a comedy gig with Ryan, Ash and Ben called Bloody Funny, put on by Bloody Good Period. It was bloody good and bloody funny with lots of jokes about bloody periods.

Tore through Big Mouth season two. I LOVE BIG MOUTH. It’s abhorrent, gross, embarrassing, and SO FULL OF TRUTH. 

Like the nation, we watched The Cry and loved it. Jenna Coleman is a gem.

I went to see Heathers again. And if you think I’ve booked tickets to see it for a third time then you’d be absolutely correct, yes.

We watched Wonder on Netflix. What a beautiful film.

My mum, brother, and friends went to see Ryan be bloody brilliant in his play, Oh! What a Lovely War. He even got scouted by a historical society in Greenwich to sing at an event they’re putting on. He won’t stop banging on about it.

Just about managed to squeeze in a cinema trip to see A Star Is Born, and we walked out emotionally exhausted.

It would have been Ryan’s mum’s birthday on the 29th, so we marked the day by going to see a world class piece of theatre: The Jungle. Fuck me, what an emotionally draining experience. It ends this weekend so I can’t tell you to go and see it (unless you can get last minute tickets), but it’s the most beautiful, raw, powerful piece of immersive theatre I’ve ever seen.

I also saw The StavesFirst Aid Kit at O2 Brixton with my dad but that happened on the 31st… which is the day I’m gonna post this blog… so let’s just assume it’s a brilliant night.

EDIT: CHANGED MY MIND, CONFIRMING IT WAS A BRILLIANT NIGHT. The Staves replied to me on Twitter AND Insta afterwards so let's just say I am above the standard level of whelmed.

What I was thankful for

I’m still thankful for everyone at work for being supportive and kind and funny and a family.

I’m thankful for paydays because have I mentioned that I’m seeing Heathers AGAIN?

O2 for sending me an incredible surprise just because I sent them a nice tweet. BE NICE TO PEOPLE. It'll do you good.

Many thanks to the Halloween edition fondant fancies. Bless your souls.

Free pasta. 

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