2 Jan 2010

Hello 2010, nice to meet you, my name's Louise and I expect you to amaze me


So it's....oh okay it's now January 2nd...2010, I really should stop going to bed this late, but yeah I've given up on weekly blogs SO you'll have to just love my random ones :)

Amazingly amazing moments of 2009
Britain's Got Talent, my first experience of the TV experience which was to change my life.
All Star Family Fortunes, Magic Numbers and All Star Mr & Mrs which was to follow later in the year.
Michael McIntyre, Take That and Miley Cyrus, oh my effing god <3>
Becoming immensely close with Nadia Kiera Genna and Ronan, if I hadn't then my life would be a misery.
All the new babies in my family, new little additions to the family changes everything and so much love goes around.
Finding and unravelling the marvels of Twitter and all its glory, that's changed my life too.
All the people I've met and grown to love and inspire to on Twitter, @jonalmond, @gracedent, @EmmaK67 and @KarenNEdwards and the @heatworld gang in general. I have so much love for this lot, and when I think about it, I don't know why! Their tweets can make any stressed out and down person smile and laugh, and I guess that I look up to them because that's how I want to be when I'm older. I want to make people laugh, have new ideas, be creative in life, just like them.
CANADA. I forgot how much I missed and loved this country and my family.

My 16th, a new age for a new me...well new hair and no braces at least. That birthday was a special one indeed, 09/09/09 at 9mins to 9am I was born, I knew this was my year.
Getting to know a few of the people from Off The Kerb. The comedians on this agency can change my mood in an instant, in a good way of course, and I love them for how they can cheer people up and just make others laugh, they have the best job in the world; so getting to know the people that help them at what they do is pretty special for me and I hope I can help them out one day too.
But the main thing that 2009 has done for me is change my perspective on life, who I am, how I act and what I want to do with my life. I now know that I don't have to impress anyone if I don't want to, especially at school. Before school got me down so much but, since I've found my 'real friends', I can be myself! And that's the best feeling in the world. It gave me a clear mind, made me realise not to worry about what others think of me and how I look, it's like 2009 gave me a slap in the face, made me lighten up and stand up straight for once. BAM! It feels good. Knowing how you want to live your life makes you so positive and gives you so much motivation, and I know how to do it, where to do it, and have all the people I need around me to make it happen.
2009 treated me well, it definately WAS my year.

The year 2010 seems so in the future, but now it's here, I'm older and have to be a bit more serious about life. This is going to be the biggest year of my life, and using the experiences from 2009 I need to accomplish a hell of a lot of goals and get through it. GCSEs. Leaving school. Choosing subjects that will determine my future. Meeting new people. Making new friends. And using the old experiences to make new ones. It's gonna be a huge year but you know what, I'm so looking forward to it ;) Come on 2010, let's do this.

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