14 Jun 2010


My name's Louise.
And I should be writing more blogs.

They have been lacking, to say the least, over the past month...or two. I can't help it. Well, that's a lie, I can help it. ALAS, I have taken on the wise advice from mother owl which is "SORT YOURSELF OUT LOUISE, AND GET YOUR BLOODY PRIORITIES RIGHT." So, I have.

Right now I'm sitting in my school skirt and an England top, £5 from New Look, bargain. I'm not a complete obsessive 'vuvuzelas start at dawn' football fanatic, but, well, I can at least look the part. Plus it has red in it which goes nicely with my lucky bracelet, which, let's be honest, if we end up ACTUALLY winning, will be the sole reason we did. No offence, *cough* Green *cough*. I actually watched the first World Cup match at a pub with my Dad, I know right, ME. Pfft. I really got into it, you know, tweeting about it the whole 30mins I lasted there, before glaring at Dad until he got the message to take me home. Although the thing that caught my eye was the fly bashing into the rather large screen. I narrated him. "I can bloody hear them, but where the eff are they?!" *sniggers* I then carried on altering my dress and listening to S Club 7, much more my comfort zone.

*falls off chair reaching for sock*

Last week was the worst exam week EVER. And it's OVER. *falls to knees, sobs* YES. THANK YOU. *grabs Jesus' feet* And now I have only 5 left, spread over 3 weeks. YAYSQUARED. To celebrate, myself, Matt and mum went to her maj's gaff to watch loads of horses poo, soldiers faint and have to Royal famalam wave to us. I LOVED IT. Our family is very Royalist, I think that's the word? We love Liz and her crew, my nan and other relatives even camped out to see a wedding, or two, or three. Those genes have clearly passed on cos I love them too, sadcase. Here are the photos, they're quite good. *smugface* Anyway, it was London. AND I WANT TO MARRY THE CAPITAL. Next engagement, X Factor auditions, 23rd June. *explodes*

In my last blog I said I was going to write a book. I started it. Then I stopped. It's much harder than it seems, I appear to spend most of my time leaning back in my chair, smoking an imaginary pipe and rubbing my metaphorical beard. I'll put it on my to-do list.

Troops, it is nearly summer. I have my 16-25 railcard and I will storm all cities (within reason) during my two months off. I AM UBER EXCITED. *streaks in garden* THAT'S HOW EXCITED I AM. 

However now I must go and make an omelette. Phwoar.


Bye. X

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