25 May 2010


This blog could end up as anything. There's a million and one thoughts swimming around in my head right now and I know what they mean, but I'm not really sure how they'll sound when written down. They might not even get written down, best if they stay in my head, for the benefit of anyone reading this, let alone myself. Let the rambling begin...

I guess the point of this blog, if I was going to bite the bullet, nip it in the bud...or...something, is that I want to write a book. An actual book. With a cover. And a blurb. And my name on the front.
Why? Since when?
I've always wanted to write a book, ever since I was ikkle. I remember being about 8 years old, sitting with my little chums at lunch talking about how I was gonna write lots of books about animals (yeah I don't know why animals either) and a girl who's still now one of my best friends was going to illustrate them for me. We had it all planned out.

Hadn't really thought about it much since then, lots of careers took over my determined mind; vet; singer; midwife; actress. Since last year, and the dawning of succumbing to twitter, I've been set on a journalist. I don't even remember how I came to that decision. *thinks* No, I really don't. First it was a celeb journalist. Heat to be specific. But now I've 'open doors' as teachers would say, I want to be a journalist yes, but not a specific one. I just want to write. I want to write a book!

This blog was the starting of my book, I guess. Where I can write about whatever the fuck I want, for whoever wants to read it. It's been successful, for me. So much stuff has come from it, more than I'd ever hope for, and I reckon some big things are gonna happen this summer. But I don't want it to just stop there. I always feel like these blogs are never finished, I haven't said all that I want to say. I want to write a bloody book!

People have told me I can do it. What's stopping me? Nothing really. Time? If I was going to be picky. But I've done too much research as to how my life could potentially plan out, and too much Google stalking of all the people I admire on Twitter (not ashamed to admit) to not actually do it. I have no excuse. I have the mindset, and I most definitely have the imagination and crazed mixed up mind to create a successful book.

I'll need help, obv. Publishers, agents, editors, I don't even know what I need. But, surely I'M the one going to write the book? It's my book? I can worry about the formal stuff after.

I'll get round to it soon, I'll do some pondering, some planning, and start writing it. About what? I have no idea. But I'll do it. I'll write a book. X


  1. Some good news again. You can do it, I'm pretty sure about that. It might even be successful, and the beginning of a brilliant carreer. You might even marry a prince. It was a good idea for an ikkle, I'm already curious what it becomes. Good luck with utilizing your talent! P.S. You don't have to become a journalist to write a book.

  2. If you finish before I leave school in year 11, I will pursuade the head librarian to buy loads of your books :D