3 Jul 2010

Just hanging with Davina...

Last night was the best night of my whole life. Ever. EVEREVEREVER.

I found out on Monday that I could go to Big Brother and meet Davina, but I had to keep schtum and hold fire until Friday. So what did I do to keep my gob shut? Not go on Twitter. I know right. The things I do for awesomeness. But as Friday came about I didn't think twice about tweeting to my heart's content about it, to the point where I sincerely thought my head was gonna explode. I was going to meet Davina McCall, the sole person I've always wanted to meet. I understand that I, once again, sound like an obsessed stalker. But I don't really care. I love her. END.

We drove to Elstree, always the safer option for us now, and got there an hour and a half early. So we popped into Tescos, silently laughing at the long queue of people waiting to get into BB. Mwahahaha, no queuing for us thank you very much. After nomming on jaffa cakes we met @simperman and made our way into the site, being called 'Davina's guests'. WOWZA. After meeting some of Davina's friends that Paul knew and her bodyguard, we followed him to her dressing room. Now, at this point I don't think I'd quite grasped the fact that I was going IN her dressing room. I thought we were just going to say a quick hello before she started the show, and that would be IT. But no. Oh no no my friends, the DAVINA sign on the door soon had me swallowing my own screams and clenching my hands to stop them shaking like a nutter. Door opened. We shuffled in. Davina was sitting there getting her hair done.


That was my reaction.


Bypassing the fact I that I was in shock to be there, let's focus on the marvel that is her dressing room. It's gorge. All cream and black and designery and comfy and cosy. I sat down on the sofa next to her cousin and listened in awe to the conversations going on in the room, between her family, friends, hairdresser, make up artist. As much as I'd have liked to join in, I think the only sound I could fathom was the odd 'haha'. Literally. Then her lovely bodyguard Tony came in and offered us a tour of BB. Er, YES PLEASE. So we did. We saw the interview room, BBBM, the production room bit with over 50 screens of the BB camera and loads of people just watching them, picking out the best bits for the show. It was amazing, NOW I was talking and asking loads of questions, I felt well clever *smugface*. After making our way back to the dressing room, Davina came over and we chatted about BB for a bit, getting photos and whatnot.
We got our special wristbands and were led to 'the pit', which to be honest sounded shit scary and I thought we were gonna get crushed. But the looks. OH THE LOOKS from people as we were guided in by security to the front were BRILLIANT. If looks could kill, they were the looks. I felt famous I tell you, I could get used to that. 

And then we watched the show.

And then we were taken away to watch the interview.

And then there was a POWERCUT. Told you everything happens when we're at TV shows. Everything literally went black, and people went crazy screaming and running about! And that was just the crew, mumbling and scurrying around trying to figure out WTF was going on. It was awfully brilliant.

And then I got these shoved in my hands by Tony the bodyguard. LOVELOVELOVELOVE. *clutches to chest* Everyone turned round and stared as they realised I was given cue cards, there was one crazy lady next to me who clearly wanted them and made sure everyone around me knew I had them. LEAVE ME ALONE. My cue cards. *say in style of 'MY BUBBLES' from Finding Nemo*

And then we went on Big Brother's Big Mouth

And then we went back to the dressing room and chatted while Davina got ready to go.

And then we all left together. Special much.

And then we went home at 1am.

And then I fell asleep thinking "Oh holy effing mother of sweet baby Jesus how did all that happen..."


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  1. I only had my tweet read out, but you had to *go there yourself* and ruin my feeling of awesomeness ;)