31 Aug 2010


August was a bit shit, although to be fair it did have a lot to live up to, seeing July was the feffin' definition of amazeballs.

The largest and most important reason that this month failed me, was that I only went to London once.

I know.


And even then it was at the start of August, when my auntie and cousin were over from Canada, so we took them on a sightseeing trip. So I have been Londonless for nearly a month, which quite frankly is not on, and has caused me much sadness, loneliness, and hoards of life frustration. And I'm not even exaggerating. 

A few days after they left we were on our way to Devon. For a week. Just us 4. No communication. Just old people. Lots of them. A full blog on the week would be totally pointless, so you can just use your imagination, so long as you involve the old people in every scenario.

Now the 15th August I was already half way through the month and hadn't really done anything. Skip to the 24th and results day had arrived. 2 A*s, 9 As and 1 B. To say I was ecstatic with that would be an understatement. No Cs! As in all the Sciences and Business! Clearly a genius*.

A few arguments, running away happenings, moody Louise, and a bit of journo-work-which-I-might-get-paid-for days later, we are here on 31st August, the eve of what I'm calling 'Davina Part II'. I've managed to get myself on the guest list for Chattyman tomorrow, for myself plus one, and that one being Nadia. I mean, it's no biggie obv, the guests are only Davina McCall, Katy Perry, Paul O'Grady and Brandon Flowers.



So yeah. It'll fill a day, I guess.

Hell starts on Friday. Sixth Form. A Levels. Ready? No. X

(* a good guesser)


Ronan with his 'what the effity eff is she yabbering on about' face, and me clearly ranting on whilst making huge gestures and flashing my tan line.

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