14 Aug 2010

*splutters* You what?

I went to Devon on holiday with my famalam this week. It was full of oldies and was a teen nightmare. I survived. But I think there's something in its water...

1) I can shuffle cards. I've never been able to shuffle cards. I can now shuffle cards. 
2) I am addicted to Come Dine With Me which I previously couldn't stand.
3) I like to shout at the little pricks on My Super Sweet 16.
4) My mum sleeptalks.
5) I am very good at Pool.
6) I really like 70s music.
7) I have a new love for peppers. Including the Sam kind.
8) I like Billy Joel.
9) I want Adam Garcia.
10) 'He' is not entering my mind anymore. 

If they don't shock you, wait until you hear the next two whoppers...

11) I've gone from not caring about fashion, to being in love with it. I want everything new. I'm staring at passers by to see what they're wearing and contemplating whether I want it or not. I have to go in every single shop we pass. I go to the fashion pages in magazines first. I want every bag in every colour. I want 100 pairs of shoes. I want skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight leg jeans. I want hats. I want a lot.

12) I have a new favourite magazine. More. (I know right, WTF, who's taken Louise Emily Jones? Can her body have her back please?)

What on earth has Devon done to me? Am I growing up? X