17 Sept 2010

Really lovely chavvy teenage boys. Yes. REALLY.

This might take a while for you all to get your head around. Even as someone who hates stereotypes I was like SAY WHAAAAT?! when it happened. So here's the story...

As it's Friday, I'd saved £1 to buy something from the vending machines at lunch. In the lower school the venders were taken out after the school went 'healthy', but kept them in the sixth form block, so to all us Year 12s it's like being reunited with a long lost family member. So there I was, sitting in the common room clutching my £1 like a small child waiting for an ice cream, when I finally decided that the time had come to nom on some chocolate. "ROB. VENDERS. NOW." Rob'll come anywhere with you. "I'm thinking a Twix..." "Ah well you see Twixes have that caramel in them which is likely to mess up your dress." "Good point well made Fordham. Aero it is."

*puts £1 in*

*presses F2*

*watches in silence as aero moves forward*

*aero begins to fall*

*aero stops falling*


"Oh you're fucking kidding me." My Aero had got stuck just as it was about to fall. C'EST TYPIQUE. Rob bashed the screen a bit but to no avail so I pretty much accepted my Aero's fate and my waste of £1.

"Oi wot's 'appened? Ya Aero got stuck? 'Ere I'll get it love." When you see two very tall, big built, hoodie wearing boys, the first thought that comes into your head isn't quite "Ooh look, they look nice, they'll help." is it? Let's be honest. Your first thought is quite often "Oh shit. *looks down, stands back against wall*" right? So I was quite surprised when this offer was given to me. As he kicked the machine, my Aero fell, and my mouth began to form the words "Thank you!", my nice situation was shattered by one of their friends running up going "Ah mate summin stuck? OH SWEET AN AERO. *grabs, runs*."



The two seemingly helpful boys legged it after him shouting and left me standing there like a right twat. An Aeroless twat. Needless to say I was pissed and skulked back to the common room, plonked myself down next to Kiera and pouted. Yeah that's right. I'm 17.

*20 mins later*

"Kiera, that's one of the boys in Aerofiascogate." Sure enough, one of the boys came in to the common room like a meerkat. Searching for someone. I looked at his hands and there it was. My Aero. He was searching for ME! Now I was in the cramped corner of the room, and had no hope of shouting him over or getting out. So I helplessly stared at him in the sheer hope that he would look at me and recognise me. He didn't. And he walked back out. I was a bit shocked to say the least. This 18 year old chavvy boy had run after his friend, grabbed my Aero, and had come to find me to give it back. He wasted 20mins of his precious lunch time for ME. And my 80p Aero. How lovely is THAT?!

I called over to Jake who was sitting with us, told him what had happened, and he soon ran after this boy to get my Aero back. Bless.

Totes made my day. I haven't even eaten the Aero yet. It's still in my bag. 

But doesn't that just prove that not all boys that look like that, are like that? The cheesy 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' quote comes to mind. Teenagers are stereotyped so badly, and after that incident I feel bad that my first thought when I saw him was 'violent chav, run away'. I've witnessed so many discussions (on Twitter) regarding teenagers and how awful they are, which gets me raging. I had an outburst of anger a few months ago, and the response was "Yes but you're LOVELY! You're an exception. xxx" which angered me even more! I'm no bloody exception to no bloody rule! Yes, a small minority of teenagers can be right little shits, I certainly know some. But everyone deserves a chance. Everyone can be lovely. That boy could have easily run after his friend and eaten my Aero without a second thought. But he didn't. He went out of his way to come and find me, a little Year 12 who saved her £1. X


  1. That really warmed by cockles that did. Enjoy your Aero x

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