4 Oct 2010

To my best friend...

Yo dude. This could get mushy.

Let's go way back to 1996. We were both angels in the playschool nativity and my star broke. SOB CITY. Alas, before I had a chance to commence the lip wobbling and tear gathering, you turned around and thrust your star in to my hand. I believe that was the start of our friendship. It was written in the stars. STARS. Gettit? You gave me your star? Written in the stars? No? Alright...

There's been many a time where we've written down LOLories (memories?) that we've encountered together, and to be frank, love, I bloody can't be arsed to type them all out. Again. But I know that you don't care that I'm not gonna write them all out. That's what makes you an amazing friend. We don't NEED to do extravagant things to prove our friendship to each other. A hand made card and a BEST FRIEND mug would do.

I don't think there's been a time where we've argued about anything, and considering we're two completely different people that's quite an achievement. You and your maths and science shit (VOMIT) and me with my fancy pancy creative stuff. People say best friends are like sisters. Babe. We're more like distant cousins.

The last time I saw you was MY birthday. A month ago. That pretty much proves that you don't need to see each other every day to be bezzies. We went our separate school ways at 11 years old and do you know what? I'm glad we did. Cos if we were with each other every bloody day I reckon we'd have got bored to death by week two. Every Saturday, if that, is good enough for us. Dancing around making videos, laughing at fuck all, gossiping, munching on Chinese whilst watching Doctor Who. That's all I need from a best friend. A good old laugh and someone to share my geeky TV with. You're that person Clare Moreton.

Whenever I'm in trouble you're my first port of call. You're the only one I can tell literally anything to, and I hope that you think the same. I'd stay up all night to listen to anything you have to say. I'd run (walk fast, you know I don't run) to your house in my pyjamas at 3am if you needed me. I'd run in front of a car if you needed me. Well, that last one's a bit extreme. Waiting for the car to pass before walking across the road when the green man is showing will be more likely. Anyway. You get my drift.

One of the worst moments of my life was when I was in Canada at 1am, and you were here at 6am, having not slept, and you needed me. I couldn't do anything. I was under the covers with my itouch, fumbling on the bloody touchpad trying to help you. Just trying to get you to sleep. The one moment when you really needed me and I was half way round the world. I needed a Tardis.

Then there are the times where we know nothing about each other and never understand what's been going on when we catch up. But that's the good thing. We catch up. We spend hours talking about what we've got up to for the past month. And even then when you go on about science and doctors and chemicals I'm like "Well yes that sounds thrilling BUT YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT I'M DOING ON FRIDAY" and then you have to endure my rambling about TV shows and celebrities. 

Looking back at what I've written, it sounds like I'm saying that we shouldn't be best friends. We're completely different people. We hardly ever see each other. We've contradicted the stereotype of best friends, and lover, I wouldn't have it any other way. You're abloodymazing you are. I want you to help me choose my wedding dress. I want you to see my first child on the day it's born. I want you to help me choose my first zimmer frame. I want you to be there for everything, just like I will be there for you. Basically, what I'm trying is, I WANT YOU. 

Happy 17th you sexy beast you. I LUSH YA MORT.

Actually, I take that back, I didn't mean to say I lush ya, I haven't had my cream.




    nuff said.

    Oh and I welled up!! xxxxxxxxxx