13 May 2011

This time last year...

...was my last day at school. Well, of compulsory schooling. Really I haven't left at all and everything's still relatively the same. But still, it was a last day and I remember it so well. I just read the blog post I wrote on it and still remember everything exactly as I said it. Watching all the Year 11s today doing exactly the same things as we did was SO weird. They all seem too young, but then we must have looked that young. Last year's Year 12s looked so grown up, but I still feel young. I must be that old though. I am that old. Theoretically it was our last day too today. Last day of Year 12 before we have 4 weeks of for AS levels. Then we come back, the Year 13s have left and we start the A2 course. We become Year 13s. But literally, we aren't Year 13s until September when the new school year starts. Our last ever school year. Our last ever 'first day back at school'. We really will have a last day then. Next May. And, although so much has happened so really does feel like a year, if this last year's anything to go by then it will come around very quickly.

I'm watching the first episode of Inside The Human Body. I'm so fascinated by it and any medical show will have  me glued. I really do wish sometimes that I tried harder in science, so I could be a doctor, or nurse, or midwife. I really liked biology, but only the human bits. But then after I've finished watching it I'll stop wishing I could go into medicine, and go back to wanting to be a writer. Which I know is what I want to do, because writing is all I ever think about. I write in my head, imagine every scenario I see as a scene in a book, and am constantly trying to come up with the perfect first novel. Yet to succeed with that.

I'm hoping HarperCollins will help. I'm on my second to last book of theirs now and surprisingly loving it. I read them all in order, starting with the one I thought I'd enjoy the most and leaving the one I thought I wouldn't like until the end. But so far I'm yet to read one I don't like, and like I said, I'm on my second to last so I've really surprised myself.

HarperCollins is my motivation for these exams. My first one is on Tuesday and whereas before I was in a complete mess about the them, now I'm calmer and my head's straight. Er. I need As and Bs if I want to go to Cardiff, which means I have to try really really hard. But I know I can do it if I set my mind to it.

Rock and roll. X


  1. "I really liked biology, but only the human bits." Sex education ;)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I'm currently in year 13 and last thursday was my previous high school's prom. I can't believe there's been two proms after me already!