5 Jul 2011

Take (less drugs Robbie) That (little sunburn incident)

It's sheer luck that I managed to get tickets to both of Take That's most recent tours. A week before The Circus came to Wembley in July 2009 my friend said she had 2 Club Wembley tickets spare, so me and mum snapped them up.

This time it was a lot harder to get tickets because of Robbie no-I'm-not-on-drugs-I'm-just-high-on-life Williams' return to the band. Now for me, Robbie has never been in Take That. He left in 1995 and the band split in 1996 when I was only 3 years old, so when they reunited in 2005/6 as a 4 piece band that was the first I'd heard of them. Robbie had been solo for nearly 10 years by this point and I had no idea that he was ever in Take That. But obviously with him back with the band, the majority of the female population of Britain wanted tickets and would stop at nothing to have a chance to see an ant sized (*realises the ridiculous truth*) Robbie &co, which is what the band should now be called. It took 3 waves of date releases for mum to finally text me, "OMFG WE HAVE 3 TICKETS!!!!!! SCREAM!!!!!! HAHAHA I'M CRYING!!!!!"......literally. It was going to be a long 8 months.

I'm actually surprised that no one unfriended or unfollowed my mum after her countless updates. She also kept informing me that she thought she was going to wet herself, which was nice. To be honest I was more excited that I had the Monday and Tuesday off school by pure coincidence, so I could have a lie in and sunbathe all day. Herein lies the catastrophe...

It wasn't even meant to be that hot this weekend. 23C at most? WELL THE SUN LIED. It was so lush lying in the garden all morning, and there was a breeze so it didn't feel as hot, and the suncream was UPSTAIRS, and okay I'm just making up excuses for the fact I didn't put any on. Well I did, but I put it all on my shoulders...and I had sleeves. Anyway, I accept that I am a silly idiot and deserved the consequences. I'm now walking around in sheer pain. BEHOLD THE MANY COLOURS OF LOUISE'S LEG:

Back to the actual concert, I of course met a new twitter person. It's like a necessity now. It just comes with the package of going to London. This time it was the lovely Megan (and her mum) who is 2 years younger but about 2 feet taller than me :( By this time I'd bought the obligatory Take That tour t-shirt, but after changing into it I had to change back because the burns on my arms were too horrific for the general public to see. This manoeuvre involved the genius top-over-a-top-then-taking-the-under-top-off that you learn in swimming lessons in Year 6. I do not intend to take the Take That top off though for a while...

I won't give a review of the whole night because I can't be arsed, it's sunny I have pizza downstairs with my name on it there have been trillions already so have some bullet points and photos...
  • Entrance was boring.
  • Gymnasts in the waterfall were ace.
  • Om the robot malfunctioned and didn't move. Boo.
  • I stalked the girl in front of me on twitter, because that's how I do.
  • The man next to me had the stinkiest sandwich
  • I am still so incredibly in love with Mark Owen and his leg spaz.
  • Gutted they didn't play Happy Now or Affirmation which are the 2 best songs on the album.
  • Robbie is a complete and utter mentalist with his head so far up his own arse I'm surprised he's not just an arse.
  • I totally understand why some people hate Robbie being back. It was all about him and he took over the show. I almost felt sorry for the other 4. He did have the audience in the palm of his hand though, and put on a bloody good show.
  • The Circus was a lot better, but Progress was still really good.

Oh Robbie, you mess.


  1. Ouch at the sunburn, that's bad that! I have just been sat staring at the Robbie photos blown up large and laughing like a creep. Funniest thing ever. Glad you had a good time! xxx

  2. Did you not get to see om in all his glory at the end then?? X

  3. No :( He only moved his arms. TT didn't even sit in his hands. x

  4. I'm in year 9, and I've met year 6's taller than me :L

  5. oooh being an original Robbie fan from the early 90s it cuts me deep to hear such words about him!;-) Back in the good old days, for me and probably many others, he WAS Take That, we lived and breathed him and voice is synonymous with so many of their classic songs. Some people may disagree with me here, but if it wasn't for Robbie's looks, stage presence and charisma, TT may not have found such massive success first time round therefore, they may not be where they are now. Yes, he is a head f**k and has his demons, but he is a phenomenal performer. Whether he fits in with the 'modern' Take That, I don't know either, although for someone like me, to see them back performing as a fivesome again is quite surreal & amazing!

  6. Multi coloured leg shop!!! Glad you enjoyed robbie and his backing band. did he sing Angels *Holds lighter up* Bugger, just set fire to the curtains!!! I remember TT when they were a little band doing appearances at G.A.Y every month!! Gary and the boys have come a long way. Love Progress as an Album but think circus tour was better. Robbie you are a Testosterone fuelled nutter!!

  7. Ouch at the sunburn, looks really sore :/. Wish i went to see Take That!!

    Sadie x