3 Mar 2010


This blog is going to be different. I figured that when you're reading these blogs, you could be imagining me as anything you want and picturing me in a completely different way to how I actually am. So, you know when you read a book and everything is all set in your head, then you go and see the movie and it's totally different to how you imagined and it shatters your view on the said book? Well, this is going to be like that scenario, so if you have a perfect life and person for me already in your lovely brain, then DON'T READ ON, because this blog is going to be all about me. ME ME AND MORE ME.

*Ahem* I'd like to present you the life of Louise Emily Jones... (Yeah that's right, my initials spell LEJ, like LEGEND)

DOB: 9th September 1993

Any interesting facts about your birthday?: Well yes actually there is, what a coincidence of a question. I was born on 09/09/1993 at 8.51am (9minutes to 9am) and my mum was taken into hospital at 9.30pm the previous night. Therefore my 16th birthday was on 09/09/09 at 9minutes to 9am. There were no emergencies.

Lucky number: 9, obviously. (Although 4 as well, see 'Alright GCSE term' blog)

Home: I live in a house with my Mum, Dad and 11 year old brother Matt in Brentwood, Essex. Moved only once when I was 6 months from just round the corner, literally. My Mum's from London and Dad from Birmingham.

Hair colour: Dark brown, was blonde when I was little, then went light brown which I hated so I dyed it.

Eye colour: Blue

Height: 5ft 6" (I think)

School: In year 11 in the home straight for GCSEs *gulp* Going to my school's sixth form next year to do English, Media, Psychology and Philosophy at A level.

Favourite food: Lasagne. Mum's lasagne. I love Italian food, closely followed by Chinese.

Favourite drink: Water. Don't judge me, in all my 16 and a half years of living on this planet I've only ever drunk water...ever.

Favourite book/s: The Twilight series. I'm sorry for being a typical teen girl but I LOVE THEM. I need people to recommend me books to get actually cos I don't have a lot left.

Favourite film: Madagascar. Me and my best friend know every word.

Favourite band/artist: Mika

Favourite comedian: Michael McIntyre. I'm classed as obsessed. Seen him live 4 times and met him twice. Even got the t-shirt. (Plus three autographs, two photos with him, a calendar and a programme) Oh and I've recently obtained a huge love for Eddie Izzard.

Favourite TV show: It differs depending on what's on. I'll watch most reality shows and entertainment shows, and Eastenders occasionally. Oh and those freaky C4 documentaries. My favourite programme of ALL TIME is Doctor Who. #nerrrrrd

Favourite magazine: Heat. Don't even get me started on my desire for it.

Favourite website: Twitter. It's changed my life, no cliché intended.

Favourite TV personality: Davina McCall. I love her a hella lot and am hoping with everything I can possibly cross that I can meet her while doing work experience this summer. *dies at the thought*

Religion: I'm not very religious, I was christened but that's as far as it goes. Although I believe a LOT in fate and karma. If things happen/don't happen then it's meant to be.

Regrets: Quitting dancing after 9 years.

Style: I don't have one. At home I look like a tramp and shove anything on, but when I go out I try and look good and 'stylish'. If there's a trend going that I like then I'll go along with it, but I'm not part of some stupid label. I am not a chav, nor a grunger, nor a geek, nor an emo/goth, nor a totty. I've been labelled recently as a misfit. I can deal with that, it's unique.

Glasses/braces: No glasses although I've always wanted them, I don't know why. Had braces for a year and a half, got them off last October.

Fears: Talking on the phone, wrists, knees and fire. I go dizzy at the sight of wrists, feel ill when someone straightens out their leg and can't take part in bunsen burner related science experiments. Oh and David Bowie, ever since Labyrinth I can't listen or see him, he petrifies me.

Prized possession: My itouch. Anyone damages it, I will cut them *stares*

Favourite animal: Meerkat

TV personalities I hate: JLS, Katherine Jenkins, Harry Hill (only like his show), Michelle Heaton.

Favourite country: Canada, some of my family live there and I LOVE it. Cyprus too, 5 weeks and counting...

When I'm all gwown up: I want to be a journalist/writer. Would love to work for a magazine (HEAT) but would love even more to be a successful author and a freelance journalist so I'm not trapped to one job. I've got work experience with Best and Heat this year, WIN!

Anything else?: I put orange peel up my nose when I was 3 and was rushed to hospital, I nearly died.

That's me. If there's anything else you want to know about me then ask in the comments or tweet me @louisejones_x. Over and out. X

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  1. I might not put orange zest in the half-birthday rockbuns :D