13 Mar 2010


Our usually quiet road has suddenly been turned into a turmoil of trouble. It's dramadrama all the way. For me, gossip. 'Ere come closer *beckons* I'll tell you...

"Mum, Ben's mum's at the door, she wants to talk to about stunthrwin or something." As mum went to the door, I could almost here my dad's eyes bore into Matt, and my brother's mind having a total break down.

After 10 minutes my mum's still out there.

"So Matt why's Ben's mum here?" My dad enquires,
"Oh I er dunno something about stunthrwin" Matt mumbles in return while shovelling spaghetti into his face twice the normal rate.
"STONE THROWING was that Matt?"

At this point I ran into the kitchen to grab some chocolate ice cream and get out of the firing rage.

Aaaaand breathe.
As dad interrogated Matt (imagine a box room, two chairs and a dangling single bulb dim light) Mum came back in...

"Number 14's car window's smashed." DUNDUNDUUUUUUUUUUN. *dramatic gasp*

Now there were three chairs in the box room as my mum joined the interrogation, added with a small gap of light in the door where my head was popped round. (This is all metaphorical of course, it was just in the living room.)

Matt seemed to have his side of the story straight. He didn't see anything, he didn't throw any stones, but apparently it was Luke*. Innocent lying child.

Now I had popcorn and my head was flicking between people like a tennis match.

A few hundred questions, accusations and possibilities later and my mum goes to phone Luke's* mum. After my dad and her acting out the phone call first to cover all possibilities. *eyes roll*

I don't know what's happened now. However I'm expecting there to be a full on court case in the middle of the street, my dad being judge and rest of us being the jury. OOOH I LOVE IT. X

*name's changed.

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