4 May 2010

8 days

I finish compulsory school in 8 days.

Legally, I could do fuck all. I could sit at home living off my 'rents until some desperate sod is willing to give a job to a nearly 17 year old girl with a handful of GCSEs. But instead I am following the sheep and going to sixth form. If someone was willing to offer me a really good job, one that I dream of, then I would snap it up toute de suite (I have my French oral GCSE tomorrow, hence random French words popping up) But that clearly isn't going to happen.

14th May is my last day at school ever. I will never ever have to wear a school uniform ever again. I will never have to go through the 8.30-3.15 routine everyday. I will never be treated as a normal schoolgirl ever again.
There'll be some shitty expectations of me to be 'grown up' now that I 'have more freedom' and I will be treated as a 'young adult.' I'm sorry but even my Mum is more childlike than me sometimes*. (*all the time)
That last day is meant to be incredibly emotional and lovely dovey and whatnot, but to be frank I'm not really feeling it. As much as I love all my friends there and joking around in classes, I cannot WAIT to leave and do things I actually want to do and actually obtain that bit of freedom I long for now. Yes there will be a zillion photos, and running round the school, fire bells being set off, and signing shirt after shirt after shirt, but I can tell you now that I WON'T be crying.

After that day it's a long stressful road to the end of my GCSEs. First proper 'sitting down in a hall paper' on May 18th, last one on June 28th. A few sixth form induction days then I can do what I bloody well want until September. RESULT. Here is a list of things I plan to do:

Spend most of my time in London, j'adore London.
Do work experience with a magazine. (HAPPENING, yeah baby)
See as many TV shows being recorded as poss, whether I like them or not.
Meet as many celebs as I can.
Eat to my heart's content.
Keep my room tidy.
Just go out with my phone and money and see where the day takes me.
Have a picnic or two.
Camp out somewhere.
Go on holiday with Nadia (Also happening, HELLSYEAH)
Meet my best twitter friends, preferably without them turning into old men.
Write a book.
Do absolutely eff all.

Wish me luck, you are coming with me all the way. X


  1. Oh, I live in Morecambe, so you don't have to worry about my address XD

  2. Have fun! Wish I made the most of my summer holidays...

  3. Great post! Good luck with your exams :)

  4. Good luck with it! Great plans, I wish this was my last year :)