17 May 2010


I didn't even do the bloody thing and my feet still ache.

Me and my Mum thought it'd be a good idea to get to London at 11.30pm, find a spot, cheer 'our girls' on at different places and get back when they finished. Well it kind of worked out like that...sort of...

We did get to Hyde Park station just after 11.30 as the walkers were starting to head towards Buckingham Palace. We stood outside her maj's gaff with a few other supporters and watched a few come past at a time, all in high spirits and looking fab. We'd see all our friends soon enough. I then peered round the corner to the sight of HUNDREDS of dressed up half naked women. It looked scary. Like a mob of aliens taking over in Doctor Who. Or, something like that. It was dark okay! Mum groaned and typically went "Whose idea was this?!" as they all stampeded past, all pink and fluffy and chat chitting away. Obviously it was my idea, of course it was, but it was a GOOD the time.

There were a lot of people we were looking out for. Mum's best friend Claire, someone she works for Remi, and all the Booby Dazzler lot Sali Emma Grace Sarah Sarah Caitlin and Claudie. After another huge section of walkers went past, Mum just looked at me with a hopeless look, we both knew there was no hope of us finding any of them. But just as were going to leave to stand somewhere else, I saw someone coming right towards us who looked VERY familiar, "OH EM GEE it's Sarah M!!" my mind went and my eyes shifted to the left of her, "AND CAITLIN" my mouth dropped, "AND SALI! SALI TOO!" and then they were gone. By the time my mouth snapped shut and my brain had had a full on spaz they had brushed past me and were long gone, blended in with the rest. I shook mum's coat like a toddler as I gabbled "It was them! I saw them! Boobies! You know! THAT LOT." I got a lot of bemused looks, as mum pulled me away embarrassed and we started walking with the walkers, up the Mall towards the Embankment. I was onto Twitter like a shot, contract schmontract I needed to find out if it really was them. Photos were already going up but my phone being the shitty thing it is took an age loading them. Yep, it was definitely them.

But I think we'd accepted that we weren't gonna see them again, there was SO MANY amazing people do this walk, the atmosphere was incredible. People singing, dressed up, dancing, all raising money for breast cancer. We felt so bad shuffling through them all, wrapped up in coats and gloves, as the stewards cheered US on. "We are SO doing this next year!!!"

3 hours later - "We are so NOT doing this next year" We'd hung around Parliament (hung around, GEDDIT) for a bit, watching the half marathon walkers make their way back, munching on Rowntrees Randoms and getting interested in a global warming protest going on, before we started to feel the cold and realised that it was 3am and they weren't coming past anytime soon. We trudged back to Hyde Park, feet starting to feel the pain as we felt the pressure of keeping up with the walkers, the cold getting colder. "BUTTON YOUR COAT UP TO YOUR NECK RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY" Yeah alright, alright...

FINALLY we got to the finish line, there were a few supporters there already cheering the completed half moonwalkers. We collapsed on the gravel and I fell asleep on Mum's lap for an hour and a half...what a tramp...

5am approached and the once black sky was starting to get a hint of blue as we grabbed a spot behind the barriers. More walkers were filing in, some running, some crying, some dancing, all of them clearly mega emotional at the thought of what they'd just achieved. BLESSUMS. 6am came and I got a text from Paul who had just arrived and after months of just tweeting it was lovely to actually meet! An hour later and tweets were coming through fast, the Booby Dazzlers were SO close to finishing and I have to be honest I was start to shake with a mix of being excited and nervous. These people were famous, I was only used to seeing them on Twitter, and now they were going to be within feet of me. I know I sound like a crazed weird fan, but I AM. They're my idols. Suddenly I saw a flash of a yellow hoodie and Sali and Sarah were there! Sarah caught the sight of Paul and came running over, RIGHT THERE in front of me. I felt a bit of an idiot cos Sarah didn't know who I was, but then Sali ran over and with a quick "There's Louise!" from Paul, I got an excited hello, kiss and hug before they ran over the finish line, clearly ecstatic to be finally done! All the hard training worth it. I spotted Emma and Caitlin at the finish line, and was gutted I missed them and couldn't meet them too. Ah well. Paul went off to meet them as we waited for Claire and Remi to finish a while later, both exhausted and vowing never to do it again!

I'd planned to say hello/goodbye to the Booby Dazzlers but they were long gone shovelling a well deserved brekkie at Claridges; but just the fact I'd met Paul and Sali (cheesy moment ->) who without a doubt have changed my life within the past 6 months was amazeballs for me. I'll meet them all properly one day I hope, and I WILL get that hug from Grace one day, she promised me one AGES ago, said we'd be bezzies ;)
So us, Claire and her twin daughters Charlotte and Georgia very slowly made our way back to Brentwood. Mum having to put Claire's trousers on while waiting for the tube. FUNNY.

Got home at 10.30am, found a photo of me and Mum that Paul took, and slept for the day. Has to be said, all you Moonwalkers are bloody incredible. I saw for my own eyes how tough that was but watching everyone cross that finish line was effing brilliant. HUGS TO ALL YOU. X

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