19 Oct 2010

Come forth oh crunchy golden leaves

Disclaimer: The following blog post contains no rants, no meaning, and no important issues. It is merely an update from a hormonal teen with 'destiny' written on her wrist. Apologises if this causes any discomfort.

The last time I did a proper I-don't-really-know-where-this-going-so-I'll-just-say-random-shit-and-hope-it-turns-out-alright blog post was back in June. I was in the middle of my GCSEs and genuinely thought my brain could fall out at any moment. 4 months ago that was. 1/3 of a year. Now I'm back sitting at my desk and staring at my screen as my fingers flutter across the keyboard attempting to create some form of sense.

GCSEs are well over now (2A*s, 9As, 1B if you were wondering, ahem) and now I've almost finished the first half term at Sixth Form. How times flies eh. Sixth Form took a little getting used to but it's not so bad now. I'm sure you couldn't give a toss would absolutely love me to say something vaguely humorous and interesting and are dreadfully eager to hear all about it, but I'd rather go on about the more exciting things happening in the life of Louise Jones. So I shall try to entertain you for the next few minutes...

Channel 4's Young Blogger 2010
This has taken over my life since the end of September. I found out about it through a link sent to me on Twitter, and I was full on :Oing and !!!!!!!ing when I read it. Jon Snow set up a competition to find the best young blogger between the ages of 16-24, and that night, after much backspacing, rewording, shaking, and squinty eyes checking for errorsing, I said a little prayer whilst clicking 'send'. My lucky bracelet hasn't come off since. I don't think I've ever wanted something so much in my life. Ever. EVEREVEREVER.

"Look under your placemat Louise." *quizzical look, peers under mat, sees envelope, opens envelope, dies a little bit inside* "OMG NO WAY! WE'RE GOING?! WHEN DID YOU GET THESE?! WHOOPI GOLDBERG'S IN IT?! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGILOVEYOUOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGI'LLDOTHEWASHINGUPNOWOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG"
Yes. Finally after 2 years of begging I'm going to see Sister Act in the West End next week! SCREAM!

Don't you just hate it when your parents walk in your room behind you and you get paranoid so have to switch tabs and pretend you're doing something proactive with your time?

Job Hunting
I've been rejected 3 times and no one's got back to me after handing in my CV to them. I refuse to believe this had anything to do with it. That is all.

I LOVE October onwards. It means I can invest in a new coat, new boots, new woolly hats and the cosiest jumpers I can find. I much prefer this time of the year than the summer months. Everything just seems so much more cosy, and I really like it getting darker earlier (admittedly not so much the mornings being darker). Prettiness. Loveliness. Cosiness. Nessnessness.

Do I dare
I'm in a rebellious mood lately. I want more ear piercings and a tattoo. Don't tell mum.

I used to be scared of wrists. Yes really. I hated looking at them, touching them, talking about them. But suddenly now I'm fine with it. I even drew my future tattoos 'believe' and 'destiny' on them today without freaking out. Although I have discovered that my real fear in life are daddylonglegs, with their spidery limbs and wings and silently floaty ways. BE GONE.

I think that's enough rambling. Same time same place next February? X

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  1. i love these ramble posts<3, your blog is one of my favourites (:. you should become a journalist as you have such a skill for writing!xxx

  2. Hey Louise, it's fellow blogger WelshAlienNYC from the twitter. For some reason my friend connect profile is simply calling me "."

    I digress. You are such a fab writer. I really enjoy your posts, you have such a strong and definite voice.

    You are no doubt my future boss...x

  3. Congrats on the Channel 4 award!


  4. OMG I think thats how you "Kids" roll? Louise... We love your stuff are seriously talented...well done with the Channel 4 award...very impressed... what are you going to be studying when you have raised enough money to go to uni?


  5. Congratulations on winning the award :D you truly deserved it!

  6. Just want to say congratulations on your Channel 4 award. I have only read a few posts, but it seems you are a very deserving winner & I look forward to reading more! You have a bright future ahead of you!

  7. Well done on your award! Brilliant news! xx

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  9. Well done!
    I love your blog, it's very inpsiring!
    :D xxxxxxxxxxx