26 Oct 2010

I only went and bloody won it!

So. Hi. How you doing? Well? Good. Me? Oh I'm not bad...

I should probably start from the beginning, Friday 22nd October 2010...

I had a free period (ooohh yeeaahhh) and was obviously on my phone on Twitter constantly, checking emails and the occasional glance at Facebook catching up with some school work, obviously, when I thought I'd give my very hard working brain (lols) a break and check my emails which I don't often do, obviously.

Inbox (1)
Lawson, Amy
RE: Young Blogger 2010

Ha. Hahaha. Haha. OMFG LOAD YOU CRAPPY PHONE!!! went my brain. The email said I'd been shortlisted for the award. Fandabbidosi! I thought Being shortlisted ain't bad. Amy said she'd ring me at 4.30pm so I carried on, ahem, WORKING, and forgot all about it...

"Is that Louise Jones?"
"Yes, it is..."
"It's Jon Snow here..."

Er, what?

"Congratulations, you're Channel 4's Young Blogger 2010!"


After a nice conversation with the lovely Jon, I casually walked back into the living room saying "Oh it was just Jon. I won. No biggie." OH WHO AM I KIDDING. I FREAKED OUT. I think my head actually touched the ceiling at one point. The awful thing was, I couldn't tell anyone. No Facebooking. No texting. No blogging. AND NO TWEETING. I know right. I can hear your gasps from here. No tweeting is like the worst punishment you could give me. Alas, I managed it. I went the whole weekend without leaking a word and even went shopping with my best friends without saying ANYTHING. Innit. The press release would be on Monday, Amy said, so after 12pm I could tell everyone. Oh, and I was going to be on the news as well. Live. On the real news. The national news. Haha. Oh my life.

Monday came around pretty quickly and off myself, Mum and Matt popped to London. First to Hamleys, then to Strada (nom), then to the Palladium to see Sister Act (which was abloodymazing might I add). During all these funtimes, the press release went out, Channel 4 announced my win, and the Guardian went live with their own article. Then I started getting texts. And calls. And emails. And Facebook posts. And tweets and OMG I COULDN'T KEEP UP. It hadn't sunk in yet. At all. 

A car picked us up from outside the Palladium and took us straight to the studios. It was HUGE. 
Mum: Ooh I've just seen someone I know!
Me: No mum you don't KNOW him, you've just seen him on the tele.
Mum: Well, yes, but still...
This happened quite a lot.
Amy gave us a tour of the newsroom and introduced me to lots of people. They knew who I was. They'd read my blogs. THEY KNEW WHO I WAS. I met Jon Snow (who is VERY tall to match his VERY lovely self) then was shown the studio and taken to the green room, which was ACTUALLY green. Blew my mind. Katie Razzall, who has to be one of the LOVELIEST people I've met, was in there getting her make up done, then Jon came in to get his done, then I got MY make up done. I've always wanted to get my make up done. I was taken into the studio, miked up (!), sat down opposite Jon, and then I was on the tele. The actual tele. Being interviewed. By Jon Snow. ON THE TELE. Then within 45mins I was back at Liverpool Street munching on a Milky Way. Priorities, right? X

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  1. Congratulations!

  2. wow congratulations! thats so exciting!!

  3. Brilliant! Very well deserved and you came across well in what must have been a bit of a nervewracking interview.

    Congratulations, and here's to seeing your byline on a Channel4 News story soon (hint, hint, Jon Snow, give her a go!)

  4. AAAHHH JEALOUS. But well done. My father saw the article and was like 'THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING.' must be a bit unreal though?